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descriptionScid vs. PC 4.5 EmptyScid vs. PC 4.5

Scid vs. PC 4.5

PGN Window:

PGN chess font support (but font installation on Windows isn't great)

Computer Tournament:

Per-game time control
Clock widgets for remaining time
Manual adjudication buttons, and a Restart button


Game List remembers it's view when switching between bases
Game Browser has new buttons and functionality
Tournament Finder is more readable
Restore PGN scrollbar (pgn option)
Phalanx now reads enpassant and 50 move field from FEN (thanks Bernhard Prأ¼mmer
FICs console fg and bg colours are now configurable
Name Editor tidy up and documentation review
Player Info: add a 'Refine Filter' result group
Typing 'OO' castles (previously only 'OK','OQ')
Mask Search widget fixes
Annotation: Dont add nags when annotating score. Don't repeat previous nag if annotating all moves
Crosstable shows current game in green
Use translations for Game List column titles (if available)
Add a 'Game Delete' menu
Improve ./configure and Makefile, and CC FLAGS are propagated to all targets
Game Save autocomplete now uses mouse instead of clumsy keyboard bindings
Restrict Game List sort to valid columns, and add a 'confirm sort' widget for bases > 200000 games

MS Windows tweaks:

Windows Crosstable transparency glitch is fixed
Fix wheelmouse support in a few places
Add a 'make-scidgui.bat' hack for assembling a new 'scid.gui' from subversion
Computer Tournament buttons padding fixed


Make an OSX app with a working ;> version of Tcl (thanks Gilles)
Many OSX wheelmouse and graphical fixes

Bug fixes:

Null move fixes including - analysis engines can append variations
Tree training feature fixes
Show Progressbar for loading bases with a dot (.) in their name
If Scid crashes, Game List could be left with zero size
PGN middle-click move preview feature fixed for variations
PGN text tabstops are now dynamic to allow for correct column allignment in column mode
Remember position of custom ecoFile if loaded
Change the second book slot to avoid conflict with Annotation feature
Catch unmatched braces in gamelist values
Fix 'Paste FEN' castling sanity check
Browser previously highlighted Next move instead of Current move
Fix unicode bug
Remove 'newlines' from Mask Search results
When addAnalysisVariation fails due to bad moves, don't move back N moves
Theory table incorrectly started from start position

descriptionScid vs. PC 4.5 EmptyRe: Scid vs. PC 4.5


descriptionScid vs. PC 4.5 EmptyRe: Scid vs. PC 4.5

Home - Program Scid vs. PC:
Scid vs. PC 4.5 Brn3tnwiyojo

Analysis of the game - the Scid vs. PC:
Scid vs. PC 4.5 1h5rd2pc3hzp

Module search program-Scid vs. PC
Scid vs. PC 4.5 Zq32o1ooonxk

Table created from the PGN file - the Scid vs. PC:
Scid vs. PC 4.5 Qq4n4pbleim3

Scid vs PC 4.5 - mirror download

descriptionScid vs. PC 4.5 EmptyRe: Scid vs. PC 4.5

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