Quick Chess in Gouda 2011go10

in Gouda at the weekend was a rapid chess tournament, to which einfanden a series of strong grandmasters. In the end, Erwin L'Ami with 6.5 points after seven rounds ahead and distanced the rest of the field by a full point. On the way to the tournament victory Erwin L'Ami knew no relatives and took from his wife, Alina the full point. Rapporteur Alina L'Ami and the multiple national champion Peng Zhaoqin Dutch came to 5 points and broke as the best women in the ranks of male champions. David tied for second place and Peter van Kerckhof Wilschut.
Tournament page report ... http://www.messemaker-1847.nl/HoutmanOKvGouda/
the KNSB report and pictures ... http://www.chessbase.de/nachrichten.asp?newsid=12096