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descriptionChess movies and documentaries EmptyChess movies and documentaries

Chess movies and documentaries


Merry dream or Laughter and tears

Crazy College / Hatley High
http:// / forum / viewtopic.php? t = 74572

a game of chess / La partie d'Echecs

Flemish board / Uncovered / forum / viewtopic.php? t = 40743

Mystery of Chess Kings

Around chess

Progress Queen (chess) / Joueuse - version 766 MB - version 1.46 GB

match century . Russian v. Fisher

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Kasparov - Karpov, Lyon, 1990
http: / / / forum / viewtopic.php? t = 278461

The Seventh Seal

Game Gerry .. luray.x264.mkv

Creation / Characters / Les créatures


Game. Over.Kasparov.And.The.Machine (in English. language) (700Mb)

Chess Fever (Vsevolod Pudovkin, Nikolai Shpikovsky ) (1925, Comedy, DVDRip)

Diagonal elephant (Dangerous moves) / Diagonale du fou, La (Dangerous Movies) (Richard Dembo / Richard Dembo) (1984, Thriller / Mystery, DVDRip)

CHESS. Mikhail Tal - Victim Queen (chess, TVRip)

Chess. Video lessons in Russian (debut) (34 debut) (2009, Chess)

Proceedings horse (Progress queen) / Knight Moves (Carl Schenkel) (1992, thriller, detective, VHSRip)

last player / Final Move (Joey Travolta) (2006, Thriller, DVDRip)
http:// / forum / viewtopic.php? t = 58090

Chronicle sports. Chess. Matches for the world crown (documentary, TVRip)

Luzhin Defence / The Luzhin Defence (Marleen Gorries) (2000, drama, DVDRip)
http://rutracker .org / forum / viewtopic.php? t = 250216

White Snow of Russia (Yuri VYSHINSKY) (1980, Drama, Biography, TVRip)

Grandmaster (Sergey Mikaelian) (1972, Sports Drama, VHSRip)

descriptionChess movies and documentaries EmptyRe: Chess movies and documentaries

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