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iCE Engine + Medium Opening Book + Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Author : Thomas Petzke

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iCE 0.3 v2750 (UCI)

Jul 10, 2012

This is a new major version. It adds major new functionality.

- Some new evaluation terms (e.g. pawns islands)
- Understands the draw by fifty move rule and tries to avoid it when leading
- Improved endgame knowledge. Better understandig of drawn positions.
- Implements a small internal opening book if no external book is supplied.
- Support for external opening books in a proprietary format.
- Changed node counting rule (horizon nodes not counted twice anymore)
- Algorithm improvements to speed up the code.
- Draw by Repetition detection bug fix (was not really working)

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iCE 1.0 v1619

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iCE 2.0 v2240

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