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1)Download Perfect 2012 books:

*Perfect 2012 Book Release Notes:
• Based on Super GM games – average 2650 Elo
• The current book formats are compatible only for Fritz/Shedder/Arena/Aquarium GUIs
• Perfect 2012 book includes various openings and it has tested with more than 80.000 quality games (at blitz/slow time controls)
• Hand tuned and carefully optimized the strongest lines (improved for the playing styles of TOP 20 Chess Engines)
• The winning percentage of all disadvantage openings are disabled (bellow 50 % for Whites and bellow 40% for Blacks)
• More than 3 years period of time has been spent for the optimization of Perfect 2012 book (it is based on Perfect 2011 book)
• Opening Book’s Depth is mainly up to 8 moves (exception for a few lines,which are slightly improved to play up to 10/12 moves)
• Perfect 2012 book's learning functions are disabled
• Disabled almost all 3-fold repetitions
• It’s recommended to be used same book for all engines (its highly hand tuned for engine vs engine matches)
• Perfect 2012 is a neutral short book (not recommended for book competitions - Playchess/Testo/Flyordie,RPC…)
• Perfect 2012 book formats for Winboard/ChessPartner/ChessGUI/ChessMaster GUIs will be released soon