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descriptionSome Frequent Questions regarding High-ELO Performance EmptySome Frequent Questions regarding High-ELO Performance

Hello Chess Friends,

I receive oftenly mails/frequent questions (about how to reach a High Elo Rating) regarding mainly on Playchess
So i hope my current little Tutorial/Tip can be helpful for some other players,that's why i've decided to post here too

Here are one of the most important factors regarding How to reach High-ELO Performance !

In other words,to stay always at one of the Top places or to reach High-Elo Ranking:
-You need to buy a fast decent machine
-Recommended to be used a processor which generates approx. 20000 kns by Houdini 2.0c x64
-Use the strongest chess engine (for nowadays its recommended to be used Houdini 2.0c x64)
-The opening book is playing a big role and it is the key to reach High-ELO Performance
-Your book should be based mainly on only quality games played by Houdini 1.5/2.0)
-The opening book depth up to 50 moves is a good idea
-You should optimize manually the winning/loosing lines
-You should edit the winning moves with green and the loosing lines with red color
-You need to create also new stronger variations that never played before
-Your opening book (especially with blacks)should not play various openings
-Whites should be very aggressive,where the opponent's blacks should be fall in critical positions
-Its recommended to be run own beta private book testings (before starting to play on Playchess or at any other servers)
-Use Hashtables size (depending on your processor speed):128 MB or 512MB Hashtable size for Blitz and 1024 MB or higher for Rapid games
-Install the TableBases on USB flash drive (TB search speed on a flash drive is much faster than local hard drive)

BTW,from my experience i can say also that the bellow factors can be one of the serious reasons (for lower performance) too:
-Unstable machine (wrong overclocking,some problems can be in ram,hard drive or maybe there is some system accessories overlapping...)
*Check your overclocking hardware system stability by using Prime95;Linx;OCCT...
-The operating system can include - virus,spyware,malware...for this reason oftenly is needed to be checked by antivirus programs
-For maintaining your PC system,its recommended almost daily to be used registry/system optimizers
-Its not recommended also to be installed any programs to tray in the Startup
-Some Fritz GUI Updates have bugs and that can lead to low chess engine performance
*I mean,the latest Fritz GUI update does not mean is the most stable,try a few ones and keep/use the update version which you've got better results

I hope this helps...

One thing more,i see one of the frequent questions:Why you dont play on Playchess ?
-I dont play on Playchess server,due to i have big respect to SCCT Book Authors, plus i have no much free time

For any questions,please feel free to contact me:

Good Luck,
Sedat Canbaz

descriptionSome Frequent Questions regarding High-ELO Performance EmptyRe: Some Frequent Questions regarding High-ELO Performance

New Update (more detailed information has been added):

Best Regards,
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