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descriptionSome Notes about Hyper-Threading EmptySome Notes about Hyper-Threading

Hello Dear Chess Friends !

This time my goal is to help to Computer Chess Fiends,who are not sure regarding to use Hyper Threading ON or OFF

For More Information/Details:

Best Regards,

descriptionSome Notes about Hyper-Threading EmptyRe: Some Notes about Hyper-Threading

Very interesting !
I also through trial and error method in my games, have found that engine performance is better with HT turned off ( even though kN/s speed is faster with HT turned on ) !!
Also, let us know what is the best Split Depth for different Processors and which Contempt value is best , 0, 1 or 2.
Though 2 is supposed to be bad, I'm getting some good results with Contempt 2 !
Please advise !
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