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descriptionPopeye EmptyPopeye

Popeye is a chess problem solving and testing software with strong support for fairy chess and heterodox genres.

descriptionPopeye EmptyPopeye 4.59

Popeye 4.59

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

Popeye 4.61

- new Features: - goal Chess8/1 - conditions WhiteAlphabeticChess, BlackAlphabeticChess - condition Platzwechsel castling - pieces KangarooLion, Treehoper, Leafhopper - option GoalIsEnd - use command line switch -maxmem 0 to avoid hashing

- Bug fixes: - 4.59 went into an almost infinite loop when testing some problems with lengthy stipulations - intelligent mode: some solutions missed by 4.59 are found again - avoid a problem with hashing in pywin64.exe that caused long solving times

- other changes: - variations are now printed in a more "natural" order

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

Popeye 4.63

New fairy conditions
Circe Take&Make (aka Anti-Take&Make)
Magic square type 2
Marine Chess and Ultramarine Chess

New fairy pieces
Marine Knight
Marine Pawn
Marine Ship

Bug fixes
- Messigny chess: special captures (ep and capture as goal) now work
- Geneva Chess: removed the influence on observation in Madrasi, Patrol Chess etc.
- Annan Chess: no more spurious en passant captures and duplicate castlings
- Marguerite: no more duplicate moves
- File Circe: Rex inclusive is now respected
- Intelligent mode: stalemate solutions where the white king moves to block a black pawn are found again
- Option MaxSolutions: is respected agian in hs stipulations
- Circe Parrain: castling is now supported
- Royal Dynasty: castling is now properly disabled while kings aren't royal
- Twinning by piece change correctly adjusts the set of allowed promotees again
- A=>B: can now be tested with neutral pieces
- sstip: various stipulations previously unheard of work now

In addition, many combinations of fairy elements should now work better than before, e.g.
- Singlebox Type1 and Magic pieces
- Anticirce combined with many other conditions
- Maximummer,Minimmumer etc. and many other fairy conditions and goals
- Take&Make and many other fairy conditions
- Cage Circe and neutral pieces
- Eiffel Chess and neutral pieces
- Madrasi and neutral pieces
- ActuatedRevolvingBoard and neutral pieces
- Mars Circe with royal pawns
- EquipollentsCirce and Sentinelles
- Circe and Koeko
- Patrol Chess and paralysing pieces

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

Popeye 34378589

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

Popeye 4.65

New features
- Face to Face and relatives
- Back Home
- Support for more hurdle colour changing piece walks
- any sequence of piece walks can now be defined for Chameleons

Bug fixes
- Magic pieces and Anticirce: strange things happened
- Mars Circe and relatives: Berolina Pawns and Hoppers weren't supported
- Diagram Circe: some help play solutions weren't printed because of an "optimisation"
- Potential en passant capture of royal pawn wasn't recognised as check
- En passant keys weren't played in some conditions
- Queen side castling isn't allowed in Monochrome Chess
- more consistent and more correct handling of "observations" (check, Madrasi, Patrol Chess etc.)

Introduced in 4.63:
- Wormholes: Proof games, other details
- Alphabetic Chess didn't work
- Chameleon Chess didn't work
- too many refutations were indicated in SuperCirce and its variations
- Kobul Chess: capture of a neutral pawn would make the king neutral
- Kobul Chess: strange effects if combined with Diagram Circe
- neutral Non-Stop Equihoppers were allowed to capture themselves using themselves as hurdle
- promotion to Poseidon (Marine King) was allowed
- in some restricting conditions, threats were not found, causing Zugzwang to be wrongly indicated

- the condition Mirror File Anticirce couldn't be entered with English as input language
- Sting is now a piece walk and no longer a condition

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

Popeye 4.65 sources

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

Popeye 4.67

New features
Conditions: The great liberation of:
- Circe
- AntiCirce
- MarsCirce
- AntiMarsCirce
- ImmunChess
- GenevaChess
- PhantomChess
Options (e.g. Mirror or File) that were availble for some of these conditions
are now available for all that they can sensibly be applied to.
In addition, there are some new options, including:
- Volcanic
- Parachute
- Strict
- Relaxed

New goal: Kiss

Input: more sensible way of populating the "underworld" for conditions such as
- Ghost Chess
- Haunted Chess
- Circe Volcanic
- Circe Parachute

Bug fixes
A=>B with holes: solutions were not found
Contra-Grasshopper: capturing moves were executed twice
ser-s#: solving must not stop if the moving side delivers stalemate
Backhome: non-orthodox mating (and checking) moves were not tried
Immune Chess: non-orthodox mating (and checking) moves were not tried
SAT: Problems with royal non-kings weren't correctly solved
Echecs Plus: some moves were generated twice
Royal Dynasty: some solutions were not found due to an incorrect "optimisation"
h= intelligent: some solutions were not found for different reasons

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

Popeye 4.69

descriptionPopeye EmptyRe: Popeye

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