Using the autotune command (and during actual gameplay)I have found that setting the Split Depth to 16 instead of the default 10, is giving me SLIGHTLY higher ( around 100-150kN/s more) speeds, but consistently.
Using Houdini 2.0c btw.
Hoddart recommends split depth 10 for I7 processors, I know, but maybe this is different for the 3930k ?
My question is that are there other things involved in this case than just different kN/S speed ?
Will the performance of H2 improve because of the higher kN/s speed at Split Depth 16 or will it actually deteriorate because now the work is split among the 6 Physical Cores at a deeper level, much later.
Will it actually degrade the performance of H2?
Somewhat like, we already know, that enabling Hyper-Threading increases the kN/s speed , but actually degrades the performance of H2 !!