Very rare live film footage of Akiba Rubinstein at the board. You can also spot Richard
Reti standing behind the referee. Bald guy on the far right is Tartakower.

Capablanca gives a simul (date unknown). Footage is dodgy, but is only one of three
known videos with Capablanca. Time will no doubt unearth more.

Images with Botvinnik and Flohr, presumed from their matches in the 1930s

Footage from the famous 1946 match between the USA and the Soviet Union. It featured
Botvinnik-Reschevsky, Smyslov-Denker, and more.

Scenes from the famous 1951 world title match between Botvinnik and Bronstein

Video depicting Efim Geller and Vassily Smyslov from the 1955 USSR Championship

The final scenes between the historic Fischer-Botvinnik game from the 1962 Olympiad

Live images from the 1963 World Championship, crowning Petrosian and ending the
Botvinnik era.

A number of scenes of a young Mikhail Tal

Color footage from a 1973 simul with both Tal and Karpov

This is part one of two of a special with the great Anatoly Karpov commenting on the
1972 Fischer-Spassky match.

Part two of the fascinating video