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descriptionKibitzing Banned from engine room? EmptyKibitzing Banned from engine room?

Get collection of PCC games every month will now be almost impossible.

descriptionKibitzing Banned from engine room? EmptyRe: Kibitzing Banned from engine room?

By Albert Silver (editor of Chessbase News)

Albert Silver wrote:
Clemens Keck wrote:
since a few days, the limit of kibitzing games at playchess is massive limited. Only 30 games you can kibitz inbetween 24 hrs. I want to complain against that rule with my posting here. I am well known as an enemie of the permanent kibitzers and the kibitzbots. But I must say that 30 games kibitz limit is much too less. I also look (rarely) into some intersting games at playchess, especially when a tournament is running. 30 games limit I reach verry fast. I think this is not acceptable.

Any other playchess users that have an opinion about this?

I investigated this, and while true, it applied to only the Engine room. It was a result of interminable complaints by a group of users on others who never played, and only harvested games.

That said, I appealed to the powers above and as of Monday there will be a compromise. The outgoing flat limit in the Engine room will be 100 games observed, however this can be changed if the user also plays, in which case the proportion will be 5-1. Meaning for every game played, that kibitzer limit is extended by 5.
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