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descriptionIppolit's contribution to computer chess, according to Don Dailey EmptyIppolit's contribution to computer chess, according to Don Dailey

Don Dailey wrote:

The REAL innovation in computer chess in recent years, which is probably something the Ippolit authors were well aware of, it massive automated testing. They basically took Rybka and re-engineered it to gain 30-50 ELO.

So to answer HG's question, I don't hink there is much that Ippo contributed and if I'm wrong nobody here is refuting me.

kranium wrote:

This viewpoint is completely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever...
ans it's sad to see you posting such claims without any proof

Please download and read report.pdf available here:

According to BB's detailed and expert analysis,
Ippolit is completely and utterly removed from Rybka...
i.e. the # of differences are enormous, and not just cosmetic

They involve critical program functionality, everything from hash routines and memory management to search and eval
the 2 programs have little in common.

Don Dailey wrote:

So in my opinion, Ippolit was evolutionary, not revolutionary and was not a particularly remarkable contribution to computer chess - except perhaps to show what was possible. Ippolit broke the 4 minute mile so to speak. [/b]

kranium wrote:

for years Ippolit has been publishing state-of-the-art open-source C code for:

a sophisticated SMP implementation (something many programs still lack today)
a complete innovative and original full-featured tablebase solution that easily surpasses Nalimov EGTB
RAM resident endgame bitbases
Montecarlo regression analysis
sophisticated hashing routines and options
compile tracing
Magic Bitboards
ZugZwang detection
Large pages memory
Slab memory implementation and management
Positional gain and history tables for each thread/cpu
Eval and Material explanation modes
Java GUI game explorer (similar to what Hiarcs now offers)
Java GUI endgame explorer
and much more...

All of which are innovative and original implementations!
Ippolit is not a remarkable contribution?

The fact that Ippolit's role/contributions are systematicly sabotaged and downplayed by members of is a travesty...
It was (and still is) summarily condemned and executed without a shred of evidence of any wrongdoing...
It should be celebrated, not raped and shot

Your statements above seem to be part and parcel to the continuous and successful effort by you and others here at to delegitimize a fine free and open source program

descriptionIppolit's contribution to computer chess, according to Don Dailey Emptyand then extreme censorship kicks in (of course!)

daniel shawul and marco costalba expressed support for and agreed with this post...
daniel's post said (in essence): 'it's clear that Don Dailey/Komodo are running things here!'
'apparently only they are the only ones doing things correctly....'

but very sadly, and as usual, the moderators must knee-jerk over-react to any post they don't like, and over-assert their authority:

their replies (and mine) were apparently 'sanitized'?! (whatever that means?)
by the current moderators:
Miguel A. Ballicora, Julien MARCEL, Adam Hair

This thread is being moved to P&T, and probably 'sanitized'. In the meantime, it will be locked there.


Update: Moving was done to P&T, it will be unlocked in a minute. This post will remain here, locked, so the people would know where to find the thread.
14 messages were removed. !! Starting with our pleas that became irrelevant now, petitions to move the thread, counter replies, and everything that followed them up. One post was move to EO.

The show must go on.

is that place for real??
14 posts removed?...

(and I confirm it was a very simple and civilized 'discussion' of ippolit...)

why would forum 'content' ever need to be 'sanitized'?
(the obvious answer: the pursuit of an specific 'agenda'?)

oh God help us!
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