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descriptionWSCE Season 3 - October-December 2012! EmptyWSCE Season 3 - October-December 2012!

It's time once again to prove which engines are the best there is, the best there was, and the best that ever will be!

I'm in the process of preparing everything, and plan to run 5 tournaments for the next 3 months

The expected tournaments are

WSCE Software Chess Championship (only commercially available engines allowed to participate)

WSCE Knockout Chess Championship

WSCE Open Championship (A swiss event)

WSCE Supertournament III!

WSCE World Championship (Can anyone dethrone Houdini?)

The audience is overcome with joy and awe
rolleyes chok confused chok redface rolleyes mad cry

Members, please leave feedback on what you think of this. I am open to ideas.

descriptionWSCE Season 3 - October-December 2012! EmptyRe: WSCE Season 3 - October-December 2012!

An update of the progress and overall schedule of the tournament

64 of the world's best engines will be in Season 3 and there will be 10 tournaments.

The Commercial Engine Championships
WSCE Supertournament Qualifier
WSCE Supertournament II
A Swiss & Knockout event
3 Qualifying cycles
The WSCE Interzonal Tournament
The CANDIDATES Tournament, which will crown the challenger to face against Houdini, 2-time reigning Champion

I should have everything ready to go by the end of this week, so grab the popcorn and get ready for the show! biggrin
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