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Maybe we have overlooked a engine that gets little attention but, after 32 rounds of my 46 round tournament it has performed extreamly well. It is currently tied for first with Bouquet 1.5a at 21.5 and leading Critter 1.6a by a point. I've had this engine for a while and just decided to through it in the tournament. It has performed better than I would have ever imagined. It may not win in the end but it is very strong or either it has a fetish for the Budapest Faja variation!Igoritt 1193741113

descriptionIgoritt EmptyRe: Igoritt

Hello, my friend,

Author de Bouquet speak to Bouquet is inspired in family Ippolit, as Igoritt, Critter is inspired in family ippolit.

Igoritt is Robbolito with Multi_core, although at the time it had problems solved by Ivanhoe.

If Igoritt not give you problems, is a tremendous engine for good. smile
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