Hi all.

Im on holiday and just thinking back on a book I once bought and read (to some extent). Hans Berliners "The System". And im sorry if this was brought up before...

But I remember in his book he was talking about defences that he had nearly refuted. So I thought that if I gave white two extra moves from the starting position, then white surely must win, right? Well, that was what I doubted. I think chess is a big draw if you play like a good engine program. And could it be so even so if white is give to extra moves?

I tried on my holiday-laptop and my thought was confirmed. But the extra moves I gave white was 1.d4 + 2.e4 (and then to move) , and not 1.d4 + 2.c4 like Berliner probably would

But seriously, for now I believe that you can give white two extra moves, and still dont claim its winning.

Any thoughts?