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descriptionCloned Books (V4VENDETTA) EmptyCloned Books (V4VENDETTA)

I also put "watermark" positions in all of my books to track them on
public domain, quite amazing to see who copies it. Here's one:

Cloned Books (V4VENDETTA) Ojdz5c

EPD: 7k/8/8/BNBRrnbn/NBNRrbnb/8/8/K7 w - - 0 1

Chances of having this position and the combo of moves following it is
much slimmer than winning a lottery. Unless you just copied the book ;)
Obviously V4VENDETTA is a variation of 1337chess 2012 free book that I

If you want the Original and the Best only get it from here =)

descriptionCloned Books (V4VENDETTA) EmptyRe: Cloned Books (V4VENDETTA)

wow thanks

descriptionCloned Books (V4VENDETTA) EmptyFurther informations

There was informations about this. 1337chess 2012 is a free book

"V4VENDETTA is based on 1337chess 09-07-2012 and it is derivative of Robot, Hitman, Diffusion and Atlantis books. Also derivative of last Playchessenginegames"

also info on chess forum:

"This is also derivative of Robot, Hitman, Diffusion and Atlantis. Also derivative of Playchessenginegames "

And in past also free book Seek Panda (Autor : Eror Ricco) was basis.
The book was the basis for the creation of the next.

That not a sectret, But certently not 1337chess PLUS!!! it it not free...

PS. This was one of the best book in tournament so it simple best setup to create new on the base.

descriptionCloned Books (V4VENDETTA) EmptyRe: Cloned Books (V4VENDETTA)

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