The Chess has 100 adjustable playing levels based on the engine "Crazy Bishop" with very high quality graphics!

- Adjustable playing strength from 100 levels!
You can choose the strength of the computer from 258 to 2300 in ELO rating.
Level 1 is extremely weak, and Level 100 is extremely difficult to beat!
The Chess has 100 different levels of play from beginner to expert!
- Challenge to win medals by defeating computer!
You will be rewarded new board style and pieces design by collecting medals.
- Features
♦ Adjustable playing strength from 100 levels!
♦ Human vs Computer, Human vs Human (sharing a single device)
♦ Computer gives your level evaluation by ELO rating in rating mode, very useful for tracking your progress
♦ Enter and analyze any position you like in edit mode
♦ Hint facility to improve your game
♦ Review mode during a game
♦ Save/Load game records
♦ Supporting PGN file for both reading and writing
♦ Enable to view full game history in the game record and restart game from the selected move, which should be very practical for improving your chess
♦ Autosaves your current game

The Chess Lv.100 for Windows 8 Screenshot.64348.1000000