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SlowChess Slowch10

SlowChess 2.960 (WB/UCI)

modification of SlowChess 2.96 by Jonathan Kreuzer
modification is by Alexander Schmidt to play Chess960 (FRC)

SlowChess 2.960b

Little bugfix for classical chess as UCI engine under some GUI’s. Everything else is the same so you can keep the prior version if it works for you. If you want to play Chess960 under Arena or ChessGUI as UCI engine you have to check the Chess960 option now.

Download SlowChess 2.960b

SlowChess 2.960

Chess960 should work as Winboard and as UCI engine under ChessGUI and Arena, as Winboard Engine (hopefully) under Winboard. Under ChessGUI chose the KQkq_OO or AHah_OO option. As Winboard Engine you can set the hash size in megabytes from the command line: SlowChess2960.exe -H48. Supported values are 6, 12, 24(default), 48, 96, 192. Anything in between is set to the closest lower value.

UCI_ELO feature: It is possible to set ELO values between 1200 and 2600. The values are very good tuned compared to the old SSDF values which are supposed to be very close to the human values. SlowChess 2.96LS sometimes moved immediately in ponder off games, this bug is fixed with the new version.

Beside the added features SlowChess 2.960 should be the same as the original SlowChess 2.96. I simplified a few functions and despite of enhanced castling rules it is slightly faster. But the pv in classical chess should be exactly the same.

Download SlowChess 2.960

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is this stronger than slowchess Wv 2.1 ?

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Slowchess 2.96 JA (Wb) (UCI)

Windows/Linux 64/32

Source code ported to GCC.
Recompiles with GCC.

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SlowChess 2.960c

- Added Chess960 support for Shredder and Fritz, SlowChess should now play Chess960 within every Chess960 GUI.
- Bugfix for ELO levels, SlowChess played too strong at low ELO levels and fast timecontrol.
- 15% faster compile.

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SlowChess 2.960d

Bugfix for ELO levels, SlowChess played up to 100 ELO too strong at medium ELO levels, bugfix for queenside castling in normal chess, finetuning of ELO levels, tiny modification of pawnshield evaluation in Chess960.

SlowChess 2.960d.7z: ?1xk32iq8j298wxt
SlowChess ?jjc2jli5e7jf681

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SlowChess 2.960e

At startup SlowChess now calculates the estimated strength on the hardware it is actually running, that means the maximum ELO level is the estimated strength of the unleashed SlowChess. If you use very slow hardware and the engine startup takes too much time, let me know. There are no changes in the chessplaying parts, if you run a tournament there is no need to update.

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