Houdini - How Much Source Code Stolen? Used?...

As far as Chess Computers Playing each other in Competitions! and to whether the Source Code used by the Engines is the Owners own Code?
I think the Problem is that the Programmers from the Start should Never have made the Code Public!
What you can't See or copy you can't use! Now that the Barn door is Open as they say! there is only One Solution to the Problem!
And that's to Make the Competitions (Open Source) where anyone can use Copy...Borrow any Source Code Idea's Etc. Etc.
So the World Computer Chess Championship ?...that is Going on in Japan would then be Called (The Open Source World Computer Chess Championship)...
This then Makes the Competition a Level Fair Competition again!
Because each Engine Programmer would then have the Same Starting Source Code! as used by all the Programmer's depending on how hard they look for & Research it!
Then the Skill is back to the Programmer's to Improve Tweak... fine tune their Engine Source code with their own New Idea's!
And because there will No longer be any need to show the Source code before a Competition...they can keep their latest Improvements Secret! 2013 Onwards!
Which is how it should have been done in the first Place!
Of course it's a bit Sad for the Best Programmers... that have done the Most Engine Improvements over the last so many years...but at least they know no one is going to get their latest Work!
The Game is far from Solved even though we are already at 3000+ ELO Programs! 2013.