Vice (Video Instructional Chess Engine)
By BlueFeverSoft

Vice came to be as part of a YouTube video tutorial series showing how to create a simple chess engine in C. Vice isn't meant to be anything other than a resource for people starting out with computer chess, and hopefully provides some help and guidance. I certainly don't claim to anything more than a beginner at this myself. The program is not optimised, is definitely not written to a high standard - it is a hobby programmer's attempt to give something back to a great and vibrant community.

Vice is Winboard, UCI protocol compatable. It also has a console mode, but a GUI is much better. It plays under Shredder, Winboard, Chessbase, Arena without (so far) problems.

You are welcome to use the code as you like to help with your projects!

The YouTube playlist is here, 87 videos in total.

Download Link Vice 1.0