This is the first time since my suspension that I have posted here. I have decided not to go on again and release any of my results for fear that an engine may be an illegal engine. I'm not going to determine that, I just like them and I'm not going to waste my time trying to determine the genealogy if you will of my collection. I'm also not going to lose the right to gain information by being excluded from information. In order to assure that doesn't happen I will not share any information publicly on the forum and I simply can continue to learn from this site. Which I love! Having said that I'm not going to hold information that may be of value to some so I will leave this e-mail address attached: so any inquiring can view my info and post free of retribution. It is the withholding and not sharing that inhibits development. In order to have these communication channels I can not pick and chose who says what! I'm not a Judge! And I refuse to stifle anyones opinion because I understand that the stifling ones opinions only inhibits the channels of information and that is simply counterproductive!!