I'm seeking professional tips for professional questions for tourney
your tips would be appreciated greatly


I'm using the winboard 4.70 and

how can we have engine matches or engine tourneys for such engines like
project invincible 2.10 which comes with native own GUI interface
the command -u for using UCI doesn't work
perhaps the command has been changed or that's not the correct command

whenever we run such engines like project invincible
the GUI shouldn't pop up or something
how can we run engine tourneys for such engines with native GUI?


I'm using the default opening book which was originally included in the GUI package for winboard 4.70
that default book is not huge
it only has max of 8 plies
I want to use a bigger book which has the book depth of 12 or higher

where can we get the bigger books for winboard?


in the setting of winboard
there is
win/loss adjustment threshold in terms of centipawn

the default is 600 or 0
I think 0 means the default 600
and when an engine is losing by -6.00 score for 3 consecutive movements
the match is automatically stopped by the GUI and the losing engine has a forfeit

I think the threshold of 400 is sufficient
I changed the numbers in the setting but it doesn't work

how can we change the setting properly?
how can we make it work?


in relation to the above "centipawn" subtopic
I am changing more of the tourney settings to make it speedy

the purpose for which I implement these new settings is to make one match as fast as possible

I tested 140 move rule (the match will be a draw if 140 moves were made)
for hundreds of maches
then I carefully reviewed the match results and the pgns

140 move rule is good and it doesn't effect the elo of engines a lot

I'll use 120 move rule since I think 120 move rule is more than sufficient

I used 25 move rule instead of 50 move rule for hundreds of matches
then carefully reviewed the tourney results

I think 25 is a lot
and I'll use 16 move rule
since I think 16 move rule will not have big effects on the outcome of the tourney


I don't use the endgame database or such but
is it effective to use those?