is it possible for a chess engine to be more powerful endlessly?
is it feasible for a chess engine to gain elo infinitely without any limit?
such as elo of 1 billion is possible?

many ppl express their opinion that it is possible for an engine to be better and better forever

but other many ppl speak of their minds and say
no it is finite
achieving the highest rating and highest power of an engine is coming in the future, the future may be near or the future can happen a long time after; but it will happen definitely


to talk about this topic there are 2 things we ought to care about
- software side
- hardware side

even if we invent quantum computers
(quantum CPUs are like 1 million times (I forgot
the exact number but) faster than
the fastest CPU today)
so the computing power becomes so much better

the CPU can only calculate certain amounts

to come up with and to know so many moves or so many plies ahead

it must calculate infinite number of instructional loops
and that's infinite so perhaps impossible
this is the opinion of many ppl

so even if we increase the CPU hardware power for an engine
to think deeply
it has a limit
it is finite


on the another note
on the software side

we can improve upon certain things like
the ending
tactical play
strategies and strategic moves
and positional play and so on

but after improving all these
there's nothing left to improve

so we can have a perfect software, a perfect code for an engine

and the elo increase can't go on more than that

that is the opinion of many ppl

and in my opinion
if in one give random position
an engine with elo of 3800 can calculate one good move
and that's it
there's no other moves which are better than the above move
it's impossible to come up with a better move
even if there is an engine with 999999 elo

and perhaps
something humans make cannot be perfect or absolute
from the religious nuance
if an engine is something humans make
if something called an engine is something humans created
then it can't be perfect from the religious perspective
from such standpoint
if we still think engines can gain elo endlessly
it may be hubristic!!!
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and by the way,
just curious and waiting...
is it coming soon?
is the new stockfish dev version coming soon?!!! thumb up thumb up 
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