I was about to run a new tourney for an engine that is newly release!

but I thought I realized some new info

No functional change.
when there is this comment
I think it means
there is no elo gain

do you think
No functional change. means no elo gain?

it can be of a lot of help cuz it is impossible to run a new tourney
for every new version that will be released
and we can only focus on the versions
which don't have
No functional change. sign

I think it is of quite importance
it has a lot to do with making better tourneys
with more accurate elo ratings


let's assume there will be 20 new versions
half of them all have
No functional change. sign

and another half doesn't have that sign

if we run new tourneys for all 20 engines
we can't run many matches for each engine

but if we concentrate only on the 10 versions
that don't have that sign
the 10 engines will have twice more matches
which means the 10 engines can have better elo with accurate rating!
on this notion
there is more to than meets the eye
and this question is quite importance!