when we have quantum computers that is billions of times faster than today's supercomputer

what kind of engines will prevail and will have the supreme regime

perhaps some engines like rybka will be the strong ones

there are many kinds of engines

- houdini: stardard in most regard type

- stockfish: very fast searching machenics employed

- rybka: very slow search but each and every search is very powerful and solid

SF is doing well cuz
nowadays, even the fastest computers are not so fast
for alpha beta algorithm

that's why SF has a very selective search technique
(so that's why many ppl think
the best method we can employ to make the strongest engine is
to make an engine that can search deeply
(when my engine can search for 20 moves per sec
when your engine can search for 16 moves per sec
my engine has better chances of winning!)
that is our best bet if we want to get the strongest engine
but this bet will not work when we have quantum CPUs
like explained below)

unlike traditional engines like houdini
SF only searches for a few moves deeply
so the selectiveness is high
but SF can make a mistake easily
since it doesn't consider many different possible moves
it only focuses on a few moves that seem good

if you run a tourney with
TC: 20 moves
(it is a strange time control but
it means the engines will search for 20 moves in each turn
it is not time based TC
it is search depth based TC
so white searches for 20 moves
then black searches for 20 moves
then white then black and so on)

so if the TC is "search depth: 20"
then SF needs only 1 sec everytime to make 1 move
while houdini needs 2 sec to make 1 move
then rybka needs 6 sec to make 1 move

that's why if we run a tourney with search depth TC
rybka is the best
and far ahead of other engines


when we have quantum computers with quantum CPUs
search depth means nothing!
cuz all the engines can search for 999 moves in 1 sec

so when we use quantum CPUs
engines like rybka will dominate the rating lists
cuz each searched depth of rybka is the most thoughtful
and the most sophisticated