for the chess fans and enthusiasts
I made a chart that shows
the progression of world's best engines
I tried to include like 10 different powerful engines
but it's taking a lot of time
(quite more time than I anticipated!)
so at this moment
only including 2 engines
but later I'll add on more and more engines in the graph!

we can easily check out the progress report
at the brief glance
also we can predict how much they will be strong later

Stockfish & Houdini progress analysis & graph and chart Qqwtq10


fun fact:

I never knew this fact for more than years!
and many of my friends never knew this either!

I acquired this fun fact knowledge that
houdini 3 standard supports up to 6 cores
and H3pro supports up to 32 cores!

my friends and I, all of us, thought H3 pro means
the deep version that is multiprocessor version

and H3 Standard means single core version!

did you know about this fun fact?