I have 2 essays here in the meanwhile

the first upper essay is a simple one
so it's not profound

but the 2nd bottom essay is super subtle and profound


I had an idea a while ago
about why ppl run tourneys

the answers I had in my mind were things like

for fun,
become curious to see how strong the new engine is,
just for hobbies,
for other ppl
to impart knowledge and tourney result to others
and so forth

of all the answers,
I think becoming curious is the biggest reason!
just want to find out and check out how powerful it is

even if we see the tourney result other ppl did
we still run the tourney by ourselves!
maybe cuz the result and engine strength are diff on diff computers
and diff TC


this 2nd essay is more profound and subtle

I all of a sudden came up with this idea
a moment ago
while watching these tourneys

this could be an epoch making thought

for more than many years
I always thought, ppl only need one best engine
there are so many engines
but we only need the best one and only one is enough

that is the tought I had

I always thought we only need one best engine
since we mostly use one best engine most of the time

but suddenly I had a wind of change that was abrupt and epoch creating
I now believe we need many engines
we need more than 1 engine

I think I got this idea
after watching these round robin tourneys

I almost always only ran gauntlet tourney
that is
the best engine versus 2nd best
the best engine versus 3rd best
the best engine versus 4th best
and so on

that's why I always thought
we only need the best engine
that one best engine is enough

but I'm running round robin tourneys
and 8 engines are partaking in these tourneys

and 8 engines are super different

one engine is good at certain positions
while other engines are good at diff positions

all 8 engines are idiosyncratic
the gap between the 1st best and the rest is becoming smaller

also all 8 engines are valuable and important

that's what I found out and understood and realized
after running round robins


also moreover
if we only use one best engine
it is not meaningful since
the measure to decide what is the best engine is relative

we need many engines to measure what is best
since the measurement is relative and not absolute
but I always felt it was more of absolute
and less of relative

and also we have to compare the engines
so we need many engines