Invitation for chess tournament series with cash prizes!

In order to develop and popularize chess vortal, from 1st until 7th of December every night at 20:00 Latvia local time (GMT + 2:00) online chess tournaments will take place with free attendance to all players. Time control 3 minutes plus 2 seconds for each move made. The number of rounds depends on the number of participants. Eligible to receive prizes are only players who do not use unfair practices, including playing chess with help from computer analysis.


A player who has played highest number of games in a tournaments series (additional indicators total score and highest place earned) – 20 LVL or $40

Additionally we will provide incentive prize for administration favorite - most active player for casual games (outside tournaments) - 20 LVL or 40$. First three places on main tournament on 7th of December, 1st: 25 LVL or $50, 2nd: 10 LVL or $20, 3rd: 5 LVL or $10 administration may participate in tournaments without competition for prizes.

The same player can win multiple prizes.

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