Hi Emilio
I would like to add code to print out the move history after each player turn and would appreciate your help on how I can do this. Moves appear to be stored in


HIST hist [6000];

If I print this array will that work? If so how do I print out this array? Everything I have tried to print this has failed! For example:


int a=0; //a=loopcounter
for (a=0;a<=6000;a++){
printf("Move history list:%d",hist[a]);

If I put this in main just below printf ("CASTLE: %d\n", castle); then the code above compiles but with a warning:
rpdsecondchess.c:1978:1: warning: format %d expects argument of type int , but argument 2 has type HIST [-Wformat=]

and on entering a move I get garbage output at cmd console!

I am most grateful for any help you can give so I can print the moves as a move history list out to screen. I look forward to your reply, many thanks