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descriptionInfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014 EmptyInfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014


InfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014

Tour Plan

Invitation tournament for 30 players
Round Robin (29 rounds)
Long games (90"+15"")
One game per day
Matchdays: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Start 11 pm server time for all games (new schedule!)
Players may not postpone or re-schedule games
Free use of play mode (engine/centaur) for each round.
The winners are obliged to provide tour reports
Players are obliged to accept the InfinityChess tournament rules
Entry fee $ 70,- (incl. forfeit money $ 40,- EUR)
[PayPal details will be given with invitation]

Total Prize Money $ 20,000 USD

1st 5,500 $
2nd 4,100 $
3rd 2,700 $
4th 1,400 $
5th 1,200 $
6th 1,000 $
7th 900 $
8th 800 $
9th 700 $
10th 600 $
Lucky Winner Prizes: 2 x 550 $


Round 1 February 4 (Tuesday)
Round 2 February 6 (Thursday)
Round 3 February 8 (Saturday)
Round 4 February 11 (Tuesday)
Round 5 February 13 (Thursday)
Round 6 February 15 (Saturday)
Round 7 February 18 (Tuesday)
Round 8 February 20 (Thursday)
Round 9 February 22 (Saturday)
Round 10 February 25 (Tuesday)
Round 11 February 27 (Thursday)
Round 12 March 1 (Saturday)
Round 13 March 4 (Tuesday)
Round 14 March 6 (Thursday)
Round 15 March 8 (Saturday)
Round 16 March 11 (Tuesday)
Round 17 March 13 (Thursday)
Round 18 March 15 (Saturday)
Round 19 March 18 (Tuesday)
Round 20 March 20 (Thursday)
Round 21 March 22 (Saturday)
Round 22 March 25 (Tuesday)
Round 23 March 27 (Thursday)
Round 24 March 29 (Saturday)
Round 25 April 1 (Tuesday)
Round 26 April 3 (Thursday)
Round 27 April 5 (Saturday)
Round 28 April 8 (Tuesday)
Round 29 April 10 (Thursday)

You like to join in and may be qualify?

Invitations will be sent out after January 15th. Everyone who likes to join in and may be qualify for this high-class event may please first try out our server and send us an email (till January 15th), providing some further information, for example on:

- Real name

- Nationality

- Age

- Titles

- Prizes

- Ratings

- Hardware

- Software/engines

- Play mode (engine stand-alone or centaur)

Titles, prizes and ratings may be in human chess (e.g. FIDE, ICCF) computer or freestyle chess and may be related to other chess servers apart from InfinityChess.

All those who fail to qualify for this event will nevertheless improve their chances to get invited for further prize money tournaments. We will of course not forget our regular and loyal users who are with us to build up the InfinityChess community.

Further tournament details, esp. our updated rules will be published here until January 12th.

ICCF GM Arno Nickel

IC Tournament Director
& IC General Manager

descriptionInfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014 EmptyRe: InfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014

InfinityChess Freestyle Battle Round 1 smile

descriptionInfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014 EmptyInfinityChess Freestyle Battle Round 2


InfinityChess Freestyle Battle Round 2

The second round of the ICFB was a 'black' day, as from 5 decided games, Black came up as the winner 4 times. Ozymandias showed a great strategical game against Victorious. In a Closed Ruy Lopey, Ozymandias should some nice regroupings to exploit the weaknesses in White's camp. White eventually sacrificed the exchange to free his game, but Ozymandias brougt home the point with precise play. In the Najdorf line of the Open Sicilian, MiG29 managed to weaken's ocirema's kingside. After constantly exerting pressure, MiG29 won in an instructive queen's ending. Intagrand mercilessly refuted oliverevan's experimental opening play. The only win for White went to jobboy, who had a firm grip on Mig2004's position. Black was saddled with a doubled c-pawn that could not be defended The fifth decisive game was between Sun_Zhu and Takker. Due to bad internet connection by Sun_Zhu, a win was awarded to Takker by forfeit.

The other drawn games showed interesting moments as well. After 20 moves, the game between Neutrino and Idol99 looked like a game of 'chaturanga', rather than a modern chess game. Maximus headed for an immediate attack against Donkasand, but a timely queen sacrifce by Black neutralized White's initative. LordSirKnight hat a very promising position against Paul, but due to a huge time consumption on the clock, LordSirKnight had to let the game peter out to a draw.

After two rounds, Intagrand is now the only player left with the full number of points.


descriptionInfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014 EmptyInfinityChess Freestyle Battle Round 3


InfinityChess Freestyle Battle Round 3

Round 3 of the ICFB turned out to be a real sanguinary battle. From 15 games, only 4 were drawn, all others saw a decision! Donkasand showed a nice strategical win against Akhtar. Zorchamp sacrificed a pawn against EtaoinShrdlu, but his opponent precisely fended off any threats and converted his extra pawn. Idol99 won a fine endgame against Olivierevan with a rook against two misplaced minor pieces. Regina_H.Milch converted his advantage against Sunnytown with a remarkable breakthrough. In Mig29's game vs Neutrino White's passed pawns on the queenside proved stronger than Black's pawn mass in the center. Jobboy remained victorious against Rafpier in a fashionable line of the Semi Slav/Moscow Variation. Ozymandias showed a brilliant game against Newton296, which involved the sacrifice of the exchange, the queen and finally a knight. Paul sacrificed a pawn in the Ruy Lopez Schliemann line, but Deepthroat defended carefully and eventually converted the pawn to a win. Maximus won on the black side of a Najdorf against FrauHolle. Flyingfatman won a long struggle after 94 moves against Ocirema. Finally, Intagrand won by forfeit as his opponent Stabiloboss encountered PC problems.

Among the drawn games, noteworthy is the encounter between Mig2004 and Sun_Zhu. Up to move 43 this game was identical to Donkasand vs Thomas_A_Anderson from round 1!

After 3 rounds the standings at the top are: 1. Intagrand 3 points; 2.-6. Jobboy, Ozymandias, Regina_H.Milch, MiG29 and Flyingfatman 2,5 points.


descriptionInfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014 EmptyRe: InfinityChess Freestyle Battle 2014

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