These famous people not only were avid chess players, but established the following ratings.  I'm not sure why, but leftist dictators and revolutionaries seem to be unusually good chess players.


Alan Alda (actor)                     1400 rating
Humphrey Bogart                       1900 rating
Nicholas Cage (actor)                 1500 rating
Fidel Castro (dictator)               1900 rating
Charlie Chaplin (actor)               1400 rating
Ray Charles (musician)                1600 rating
Che Guevara (revolutionary)           1950 rating
Ted Danson (actor)                    1400 rating
Peter Falk (actor)                    1400 rating
Al Jolson (musician)                  1600 rating
Henry Kissinger (politician)          1400 rating
Vladimir Lenin (Russian dictator)     1900 rating
David Letterman (talk show)           1100 rating
Jerry Matthers (the Beaver)           1400 rating
George Pataki (NY Governor)           1100 rating
Arnold Schwarzenenegger               1500 rating
Jimmy Stewart (actor)                 1300 rating
John Wayne (actor)                    1200 rating