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descriptionHow To Catch A Chess Cheater EmptyHow To Catch A Chess Cheater


descriptionHow To Catch A Chess Cheater EmptyRe: How To Catch A Chess Cheater

"SIMON: Ken Regan, a chest detective"

A chest detective! hehehe

Obviously, about online games, not even a chest detective knows who generated the moves. Even before computers arriving to the scene, chess was already bad enough about cheating. I heard a story about a guy who had a chess openings book hidden in the toilet flush of the tourney house. Opponent standing-up and going on talking with anyone was much worse than chess books; it was a matter of being a gentleman or not, and just a small proportion really are. Much worse on another dimension was club managers who falsified results for the Elo rating. This all about amateur chess players and chess clubs. In fact I came back to chess just after computers become a good enough partner.
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