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description146574 - 80 ply ctg book Empty146574 - 80 ply ctg book

silentlot wrote:
welcome to my first book:
146574 - 80 ply
by suspiria
optimize 0/80

after collecting hundreds of books from others I decided to produce one of my own.
with the use of playchess database, cbdedupe and Norman Pollock 40H-PGN program "truncate" I have produced a database of 146.574 games win only. It happen that yesterday has been made pubblic Sicilian Hit 7 and I decided to run a short test (20 games) between this higly acclamate book and mine not yet manually tuned.
A quick test vs itself to produce some evaluation in the virgin lines and set the test vs SH7.
the comp: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU       X 980  @ 3.33GHz 3332 MHz
set: 3 minutes, 128MB optimise as per instructions
With no surprise all the 20 games where "sicilian" the surprise was the results:
146574 - 80 ply ctg book 14657410
146574 vs sicilian hit - filedropper
Book links:
146574 - 80 ply.ctg - filedropper
146574 - 80 ply.ctg - mega

free to others bookmakers to incorporate in other books, manually tune, add on games etc. etc.  with a simple thx in the post.

description146574 - 80 ply ctg book EmptyRe: 146574 - 80 ply ctg book

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Book links: #!UcMDFB6A!ps12OXxkJFZo7vVVf1jrdhbMuBmIu2z9r6eS8gUiYW4
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