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descriptionI.G.W.O.B.T. EmptyI.G.W.O.B.T.

Hello to everybody,

Igwobt is an international competition between opening books relayed on gsei site (International Gsei Web Opening Book Tournament).
The tournament will be composed of only 2 round robin.
Time control is 15 min + 10 sec.
Chess engine is Stockfish 5
Other information and live games are on

The tournament has already started and we arrived in the 35th game.

All those who are interested to participate in the next edition are encouraged to send me an email.

Best regards
Lissandrello Luca

descriptionI.G.W.O.B.T. EmptyRe: I.G.W.O.B.T.

Hi, the I.G.W.O.B.T result has been moved to this sub-forum:
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