With help from Matthias Gemuh (ChessGUI author), the SALC-10moves book put together by Stefan Pohl and Hauke Lutz is now available for ChessGUI.

Download link - http://www.kirill-kryukov.com/chess/discussion-board/download/file.php?id=33095

All games taken from Adam Hair's 10-moves-PGN openings-database.

Step 1 (by Stefan Pohl using the FritzGUI): Filter all games, where (at move 10) both sides still
have a queen and both sides castled to opposite directions.

= 4602 positions (10 moves deep) (out of 199041 games)

Step 2: Checked both databases for duplicate games with the PGNscanner. Found nothing (nice work, Adam Hair!)

Step 3: Checked the 10moves-database with Komodo 8, Houdini 4, Gull 3 (using PGNscanner (eval-interval
of +/-0.40)) and deleted all games if one engine-evaluation was outside the eval-interval.

Step 7: Checked the 10moves-database with Komodo 8 and Stockfish 5 (using PGNscanner (eval-interval
of +/-0.20)) and deleted all games if one engine-evaluation was inside the eval-interval, because we didnt
want positions which are too drawish.

Step 8: Counted/Analyzed the ECO-codes of the 10moves-database with EXCEL and deleted some ECO B+C positions
for a better ECO-code balance (and reduced the number of games/positions to 500).

Step 9: Mixed the 10moves-database (by hand) for a (nearly) uniform mixture of ECO-codes for better results,
if only a part of the database is used for an engine-testrun.

Step 10: 5 Bullet-testruns (singlecore, 20''+200ms, Stockfish 5 against Gull 3), using the complete 500
positions of the 10moves-database, and mixed the 10moves-database a second time, based on the
testrun-results (in 50 positions-blocks).