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descriptionJikChess EmptyJikChess

From the author:

I have released the first version of my engine, JikChess. Binaries can be found at So far I've compiled only 64-bit binaries, but if you are interested in a 32-bit version, I can try to compile one, too. The Windows version seems to have some issues with fast time controls (much less than 1 second per move), but everything should be okay with CCRL 40/4 or similar time controls. Gaviota tablebase path and hashtable sizes can be given as command line parameters or as engine options in the WB protocol.

If you encounter any problems, please contact me.
Based on my tests against a random selection of opponents, the CCRL 40/4 rating should be around 2450-2500. However, the choice of opponents seems to have a huge effect on the rating estimate, so I'm not sure how reliable that is.

descriptionJikChess EmptyRe: JikChess

JikChess 0.02

From the author:

This includes 64-bit and 32-bit binaries for Linux and Windows. This update contains some adjustments and improvements on the search algorithm. All command line parameters and options needed to run the engine remain the same. Based on testing against some opponents in the CCRL list, the expected strength increase is around 50 Elo compared to version 0.01.
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