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descriptionDesigning an E-board for Chess EmptyDesigning an E-board for Chess

Hi All:
First post.

I've been a chess player for about 40 years and I prefer to play chess with a real board. thumb up
As an engineer involved in new prod. dev. I've decided to roll my own e-board. idea
Hopefully I can make it available to the wider community for a better price than what's on the market, even if it has a bit of DIY! wink
I joined the forum to get your input on the feature set that would be desirable and perhaps a feel for a price point (which constrains the features) bigsmile

Some of the features I've selected so far are:
1) Smart tracking of each chess piece/type via a removable (stick on) base ID pcb(1/8" deep). So u can use any chess pieces.
     This chess piece ID device magnetically connects to embedded neodymium mags in the chessboard

2) Full color LEDs under all squares in a clear/frost plexiglass board.
3) Onboard memory provides PGN move and game archiving. This permits USB uploads to a PC/online and downloads as well for players to share games.
4) PGN game step through, as a training or analysis tool.
5) Handicap game assist for new players....showing the last few moves (1 to 4)which the opponent has made via illuminated & LED color coded back lit squares.
6) Optional chess piece available moves via illuminated, back lit squares , once a piece is picked up. A training aid for new players.
7) Board scan - to ensure pieces are properly repositioned in case of pieces being knocked over. Also useful for starting set plays.Referenced to a PGN file.
8) Board glow - for playing in dim lighting or for display purposes.
9) Connection for optional dual digital play timer.
10) Real time PGN interfacing with chess programs for board play. The embedded LEDs can indicate the piece and the play. The piece ID system ensures the correct play is made!
11) Touch control panels for both players.
12) Rechargeable Li Ion.

As fellow players you can help by adding or removing features and commenting on what's wanted. question

Thanks in advance

descriptionDesigning an E-board for Chess EmptyRe: Designing an E-board for Chess

Wireless E-Board! It uses Bluetooth to connect with the pc or laptop computer.
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