I foward a message from his daughter to you:

Leo Dijksman wrote:
Hi Volker and Olivier,

I'm sorry to have broken into my dad's account like this but I couldn't find any other way to e-mail anyone. I would like the board to know that Leo Dijksman died two weeks ago after battling cancer for almost two years.
I know he had contact with a few people on the board. Is it possible for you to send word around?
I will be letting go of http://www.wbec-ridderkerk.nl after it's term is over, if anyone is interested in taking over I'd be more than happy to help.
I would also like to ask that my dad's account on this board be locked.

Best wishes, sorry to have to bring this news,

Janneke de Ronde - Dijksman (daughter)
I have access to my dad's e-mail account should anyone be interested in the website I can sign it over to them. leo@wbec-ridderkerk.nl