The latest CCRL Rating Lists and Statistics are available for viewing from the following links: (40/40) (40/4) (FRC 40/4)

Please note that the three lists are often updated separately to each other. The FRC list is only updated when a new engine or engine version is being/has been tested.

40/40 testing this week that I'm aware of will include (with live broadcast port for TLCV noted where applicable)

52nd Amateur Division 5 (finishing Thursday 16002)
52nd Amateur Division 6 (finishing Tuesday 16001)
52nd Amateur Division 7 (starting Tuesday 16001)
May Madness Tournament (continuing 16053)
Top 4 Matchplay Championship (starting Thursday 16002)
Dirty 10Apr2015 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16064)
Komodo 9 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16065)
Bobcat 6.4b 64-bit Gauntlet II (continuing 16066)
Vajolet2 2.0 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16073)
Sting SF 5 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16074)
Andscacs 0.80 64-bit Gauntlet (finishing Thursday 16075)
Maverick 1.0 64-bit Gauntlet (starting Thursday 16076)
Angry Snarls 4CPU Tournament (finishing Wednesday 16083)
Poisonous Tentacles 4CPU Tournament (finishing Tuesday 16084)
Two Old Gentlemen 4CPU Tournament (starting Wednesday 16083)
Lights On The Horizon 4CPU Tournament (starting Tuesday 16084)
Bobcat 6.4b 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (being run by Nathan)
Bobcat 6.4b 64-bit 4CPU Matches (being run by Charles)
Assorted 1CPU Tournaments (being run by Charles)