The latest CCRL Rating Lists and Statistics are available for viewing from the following links: (40/40) (40/4) (FRC 40/4)

Please note that the three lists are often updated separately to each other. The FRC list is only updated when a new engine or engine version is being/has been tested.

40/40 testing this week that I'm aware of will include (with live broadcast port for TLCV noted where applicable)

54th Amateur Division 2 Tournament (finishing Wednesday 16002)
54th Amateur Division 3 Tournament (continuing 16053)
54th Amateur Division 4 Tournament(starting Thursday 16002)
Five Animals Tournament (continuing 16001)
Cheng 4.39 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16063)
Komodo 9.1 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16064)
The Baron 3.29 64-bit Gauntlet (finishing Thursday 16065)
Pedone 1.2 64-bit Gauntlet (starting Thursday 16066)
Carballo 1.3 Gauntlet (continuing 16074)
Alfil 15.7 64-bit Gauntlet II (continuing 16075)
Fridolin 2.0 64-bit Gauntlet (continuing 16076)
EXchess 7.71b 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (finishing Monday 16083)
Cheng 4.39 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (starting Monday 16083)
Homage To The Baron 4CPU Tournament (continuing 16084)
Alfil 17.5 64-bit 4CPU Gauntlet (being run by Nathanael)
Komodo 9.1 64-bit 4CPU Matches (being run by Charles)
Assorted 1CPU Tournaments (being run by Charles)