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descriptionFunny Chess EmptyFunny Chess


1. Click on the link

2. Then press to play

Funny Chess 2f571ecf824b07a487f757c4c0d305976ba142470e4129a3fb35c7d38a8b3b986g

1. Movements Impossible

2. Movements Crazy

3. Warrior King


One week later...

Funny Chess Efa5cbe2418acf3cc1c6ccfaa80b1fb9db0c828f7bb46f135e4ebf4c6ae6b0e06g

Black K: Hey! Where's the White king?!

White Q: He's out of town running some errands.

Black K: Phew. At last, I finally get a break. That nutcase has been doing...
um.. you know... all week long.

White Q: I know what you mean. I have no idea why I married him in the first

Black K: Yeah... ok. We battle tomorrow.

The next day

Funny Chess 3e3044b829eb1c34e213fddce1bdc6e27a7694a4b14671b6ad85f711807066bf6g

Black K: Good morning everyone. It's a wonderful day! If only we didn't have
to battle that crazy White King. You know what I mean?

Black K: Um... hello?

Black K: Queenie?

Black K: Are you there????

Black K: Hahahahaah... nice joke... very funny... hahaha.. heheheh.. um... ha?!
Is anybody there???

Black K: Guys?!

Good time

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hello abo ghadeer

It is on the site
In some cases not permitted off-site games

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Welcome to my brother Mohamed

Yes .... from site
I wanted to adding a fun character to topic

Best regards

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funny :D

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