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descriptionHoudini vs Stockfish - TCEC 8 Stage 3 EmptyHoudini vs Stockfish - TCEC 8 Stage 3


[pgn][Event "TCEC Season 8 Stage 3"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "????.??.??"]
[Round "6"]
[White "Houdini 4"]
[Black "Stockfish 070915"]
[Result "0-1"]
[PlyCount "107"]
[WhiteClock "0:35:43"]
[BlackClock "0:30:50"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Be2 O-O 6. Nf3 e5 7. O-O Nbd7 8. Re1
Re8 9. d5 Nc5 10. Qc2 a5 11. Be3 b6 12. Nd2 Ng4 13. Bxg4 Bxg4 14. a3 Bd7 15. b4
Nb7 16. Nb5 f5 17. f3 f4 18. Bf2 g5 19. Qd3 Bf8 20. Rab1 h5 21. Rec1 g4 22. Qc3
Kh7 23. Kf1 Be7 24. bxa5 Nc5 25. axb6 cxb6 26. Kg1 Rg8 27. Bxc5 bxc5 28. Ra1 g3
29. Nf1 gxh2+ 30. Nxh2 h4 31. Rc2 Qc8 32. Kh1 Rg3 33. Nf1 Qh8 34. Nc7 Rag8 35.
Ne6 Kg6 36. a4 Kf7 37. Qe1 Bc8 38. a5 Ba6 39. Raa2 h3 40. Nxg3 fxg3 41. Kg1
hxg2 42. Rxg2 Qh3 43. Qe2 Qh6 44. Qd2 Qh4 45. Qc3 Rh8 46. Kf1 Rb8 47. Ke2 Rb4
48. Qe1 Bxc4+ 49. Kd2 Bxa2 50. Qxg3 Rb2+ 51. Kd3 c4+ 52. Kc3 Rb3+ 53. Kc2 Bb1+
54. Kd1 0-1[/pgn]

descriptionHoudini vs Stockfish - TCEC 8 Stage 3 EmptyRe: Houdini vs Stockfish - TCEC 8 Stage 3

S.Taylor ( wrote:
Game 69. If those king moves were really the best moves and the best way to win, then this was A truly brilliant display.
I can hardly believe that a computer can play like that!
The King went EVERYWHERE on the boad during the middle game! And won big.

[pgn][Event "TCEC Season 8 - Stage 3"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2015.10.10"]
[Round "3"]
[White "Protector R1091"]
[Black "Komodo 1501.01"]
[Result "0-1"]
[BlackElo "3222"]
[ECO "B01"]
[EventDate "2015.10.08"]
[GameDuration "04:15:44"]
[Opening "Scandinavian: Portuguese, 4.f3 Bf5 5.Bb5+ Nbd7 6.c4"]
[PlyCount "117"]
[Termination "adjudication"]
[TerminationDetails "TCEC win rule"]
[TimeControl "9000+30"]
[WhiteElo "3003"]

{ WhiteEngineOptions: Protocol=UCI; Hash=32768; Number Of Threads=20; NalimovPath=C:/Nalimov; NalimovCache=32; OwnBook=false; Ponder=false;, BlackEngineOptions: Protocol=UCI; Hash=32768; Table Memory=1024; Overhead=50; Contempt=8; Threads=20; Use Syzygy=true; SyzygyPath=C:/Syzygy; Syzygy Probe Limit=5; OwnBook=false; Ponder=false; }
1. e4 { book } d5 { book } 2. exd5 { book } Nf6 { book } 3. d4 { book }
Bg4 { book } 4. f3 { book } Bf5 { book } 5. Bb5+ { book } Nbd7 { book }
6. c4 { book } e6 { book } 7. dxe6 { book } Bxe6 { book } 8. d5 { book }
Bf5 { book }
9. Nc3 { d=22, pd=Bc5, mt=00:02:29, tl=02:32:00, s=8186 kN/s, n=1225838319, pv=Nc3 Bc5 Qe2+ Kf8 Be3 a6 Bxd7 Nxd7 Kf1 Qf6 Re1 h5 Nh3 Bxe3 Qxe3 Bxh3 gxh3 Kg8 Kg2 Rh6 Rhf1 b5 Kh1 bxc4 Qe4 Nb6 Rg1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.45, }
Bd6 { d=28, pd=Bg5, mt=00:03:42, tl=02:30:47, s=16250 kN/s, n=3611033947, pv=Bd6 Bg5 O-O Bxd7 Qxd7 Nge2 Bc5 Bh4 Rad8 g4 Bg6 Bf2 Bxf2+ Kxf2 c6 Qd4 cxd5 cxd5 Nxd5 Qxd5 Qxd5 Nxd5 Rxd5 Rhd1 Rfd8 Rxd5 Rxd5 Rc1 h5 Rc7 Rd2 Rxb7 hxg4 fxg4 Bd3 Ke3 Rxe2+ Kxd3 Rxh2 Kc3, tb=2, R50=49, wv=0.36, }
10. Bg5 { d=22, pd=O-O, mt=00:03:51, tl=02:28:38, s=8608 kN/s, n=1993145950, pv=Bg5 O-O Bxd7 Qxd7 Nge2 Bc5 Bxf6 gxf6 g4 Bg6 h4 h6 h5 Bh7 Ng3 Rae8+ Nce4 Bxe4 Nxe4 f5 gxf5 Qxf5 Qe2 Qf4 a3 Bd4 Rh2, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.35, }
O-O { d=30, pd=Bxd7, mt=00:03:53, tl=02:27:23, s=18368 kN/s, n=4297357856, pv=O-O Bxd7 Qxd7 Nge2 Bc5 Bh4 c6 Qd2 Rfe8 Bf2 Bb4 O-O cxd5 cxd5 Be6 a3 Bxc3 Nxc3 Nxd5 Rfd1 Red8 Nxd5 Bxd5 Rac1 h6 b4 b6 Rc3 Be6 Qxd7 Rxd7 Rxd7 Bxd7 Rc7 Be6 g4 Kh7 Kg2 Kg6 Kg3 h5 h3 hxg4, tb=9, R50=48, wv=0.24, }
11. Bxd7 { d=24, pd=Qxd7, mt=00:03:13, tl=02:25:55, s=8562 kN/s, n=1655166838, pv=Bxd7 Qxd7 Nge2 Bc5 Bxf6 gxf6 Ng3 Rae8+ Kf1 Bd6 Qd2 Bg6 Rd1 b6 Nge4 Be5 Kg1 f5 Nf2 Qe7 h4 h5 b3 Qc5 Rh3 f4 Ne4 Qe3 Qb4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.60, }
Qxd7 { d=31, pd=Nge2, mt=00:04:17, tl=02:23:36, s=21205 kN/s, n=5461295544, pv=Qxd7 Nge2 Bc5 Bh4 c6 Bf2 Bxf2+ Kxf2 Rfd8 Nf4 b5 g4 Bg6 cxb5 cxb5 Qd2 b4 Nce2 Qd6 Rac1 Nxd5 Qxd5 Qxd5 Nxd5 Rxd5 Rhd1 Rxd1 Rxd1 f5 g5 Bf7 b3 a5 Kg3 a4 Nd4 axb3 axb3 h6 Kf4 Ra2 gxh6 gxh6, tb=95, R50=50, wv=0.31, }
12. Nge2 { d=26, pd=Bc5, mt=00:09:49, tl=02:16:35, s=10140 kN/s, n=5981878629, pv=Nge2 Bc5 Bxf6 gxf6 Ng3 Bg6 Nge4 Rae8 b4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Bxb4+ Kf2 Be7 Qd4 f5 Nf6+ Bxf6 Qxf6 Qd6 Qxd6 cxd6 Rhc1 Re5 a4 Rfe8 Ra2 Rc8 Rb2 Re7 Rb5 Rce8, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.46, }
Bc5 { d=31, pd=Bh4, mt=00:02:31, tl=02:21:34, s=22608 kN/s, n=3425473388, pv=Bc5 Bh4 c6 Bf2 Bxf2+ Kxf2 Rfd8 Nf4 b5 g4 Bg6 cxb5 cxb5 Rc1 b4 Nce2 Nxd5 Qxd5 Qxd5 Nxd5 Rxd5 Rhd1 Rxd1 Rxd1 a5 a3 bxa3 bxa3 f6 Rd7 h6 Nd4 Rc8 Ra7 Rc4 Ne6 Rc2+ Kg3 Bf7 Ra8+, tb=96, R50=50, wv=0.29, }
13. Bxf6 { d=25, pd=gxf6, mt=00:03:33, tl=02:13:32, s=8722 kN/s, n=1860313357, pv=Bxf6 gxf6 Ng3 Bg6 Nge4 Rae8 b4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Bxb4+ Kf2 Be7 Qd4 f5 Nf6+ Bxf6 Qxf6 Qd6 Qxd6 cxd6 Rhc1 Re5 a4 Rfe8 Re1 Rxe1 Rxe1 Rc8 Rc1 b6 Ke3 Re8+, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.44, }
gxf6 { d=31, mt=00:01:39, tl=02:20:25, s=25762 kN/s, n=2557494998, pv=gxf6, tb=443, R50=50, wv=0.25, }
14. Ng3 { d=24, pd=Rfe8+, mt=00:02:26, tl=02:11:35, s=8434 kN/s, n=1236479891, pv=Ng3 Rfe8+ Nge4 Bxe4 fxe4 f5 Qh5 fxe4 Rf1 Bd4 O-O-O Bg7 Rde1 e3 Rf3 Re5 Qh3 Qxh3 Rxh3 Rae8 Kc2 R5e7 Rg3 Kh8 Rf3 Kg8 Re2 a6 c5 Bd4 d6 cxd6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.42, }
Rae8+ { d=35, pd=Kf1, mt=00:02:27, tl=02:18:27, s=24713 kN/s, n=3651384620, pv=Rae8+ Kf1 Re5 Nce4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Qe7 Qe1 Re8 Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=966, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
15. Kf1 { d=26, pd=b5, mt=00:02:29, tl=02:09:35, s=8664 kN/s, n=1297344287, pv=Kf1 b5 Nce4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Qe7 Qd2 f5 Nxc5 Qxc5 b4 Qxc4+ Kf2 Rd8 Rhd1 Qh4+ Kg1 Rfe8 Re1 a6 Kh1 Qf6 Rxe8+ Rxe8 Rc1 Qd6 Qg5+ Qg6 Qxg6+ fxg6 Kg1 Re2, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.53, }
Re5 { d=36, pd=Nce4, mt=00:02:29, tl=02:16:28, s=27360 kN/s, n=4080517957, pv=Re5 Nce4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Qe7 Qe1 Re8 Qh4 Kg7 Qg3+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=4037, R50=49, wv=0.00, }
16. Nce4 { d=23, pd=Bxe4, mt=00:02:39, tl=02:07:26, s=8617 kN/s, n=1370865537, pv=Nce4 Bxe4 Nxe4 Qe7 Qe1 Re8 Qh4 Kg7 h3 b5 b3 Bb4 Rd1 f5 Qxe7 R5xe7 Ng3 Kg6 h4 bxc4 h5+ Kg5 bxc4 Bd6 Rh3 Re3 Rc1 Ra3 c5 Be5 Rc2 Rd3, tb=0, R50=48, wv=0.18, }
Bxe4 { d=36, pd=Nxe4, mt=00:01:16, tl=02:15:41, s=27563 kN/s, n=2115663195, pv=Bxe4 Nxe4 Qe7 Qe1 Re8 Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bb6 h3 Bc5 Qf4 f5 Nxc5 Re1+ Kf2 Qe2+ Kg3 Qxd1 Qg5+ Kh8 Qf6+ Kg8 Qg5+ Kh8, tb=1808, R50=48, wv=0.00, }
17. Nxe4 { d=26, pd=Qe7, mt=00:02:06, tl=02:05:50, s=8941 kN/s, n=1131905842, pv=Nxe4 Qe7 Qe1 Re8 Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 h3 Bb4 Rb1 Bd6 g3 Bb4 a4 f5 Qxe7 R5xe7 Nf2 Re3 Kg2 Re2 g4 Bc5 Rhf1 a5 Kg3 Bd6+ Kg2 Bc5, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.11, }
Qe7 { d=36, pd=Qe1, mt=00:01:26, tl=02:14:45, s=31039 kN/s, n=2690472336, pv=Qe7 Qe1 Re8 Qg3+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 Qf4 f5 Nxc5 Qxc5 Qg5+ Kh8 Qf6+ Kg8 Qg5+ Kh8, tb=7945, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
18. Qe1 { d=28, pd=Re8, mt=00:02:39, tl=02:03:40, s=8396 kN/s, n=1340984777, pv=Qe1 Re8 Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 Rc1 Bb4 Ra1 Ba3 h3 Bb4 Rd1 f5 Qxe7 R5xe7 Ng3 Kf6 h4 Bd6 Rh3 Re3 Rb1 Rd3 Kg1 Bc5+ Kh2 Bd6 Kh1 Rde3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
Re8 { d=38, pd=Qh4, mt=00:02:00, tl=02:13:15, s=31334 kN/s, n=3761948874, pv=Re8 Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 g3 Bb4 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=4420, R50=49, wv=0.00, }
19. Qg3+ { d=30, pd=Kh8, mt=00:03:37, tl=02:00:32, s=8125 kN/s, n=1767385637, pv=Qg3+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 Rc1 Bb4 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=0, R50=49, wv=0.00, }
Kh8 { d=39, pd=Qh4, mt=00:01:22, tl=02:12:22, s=30488 kN/s, n=2509293895, pv=Kh8 Qh4 Kg7 Qg3+ Kh8, tb=5474, R50=48, wv=0.00, }
20. Qh4 { d=32, pd=Kg7, mt=00:03:10, tl=01:57:52, s=8281 kN/s, n=1579744854, pv=Qh4 Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=0, R50=48, wv=0.00, }
Kg7 { d=38, pd=Rd1, mt=00:01:41, tl=02:11:11, s=30355 kN/s, n=3080881538, pv=Kg7 Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 Qf4 f5 Nxc5 Qxc5 Qg5+ Kh8 Qf6+ Kg8 Qg5+ Kh8, tb=6502, R50=47, wv=0.00, }
21. Rd1 { d=29, pd=Be3, mt=00:04:12, tl=01:54:09, s=8045 kN/s, n=2029397746, pv=Rd1 Be3 b3 Bc5 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=0, R50=47, wv=0.00, }
Be3 { d=38, pd=b3, mt=00:02:51, tl=02:08:49, s=27430 kN/s, n=4712778678, pv=Be3 b3 Bc5 g3 Bb4 a3 Bxa3 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=26467, R50=46, wv=0.00, }
22. b3 { d=30, pd=Bc5, mt=00:03:26, tl=01:51:13, s=8058 kN/s, n=1663310496, pv=b3 Bc5 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=0, R50=46, wv=0.00, }
Bc5 { d=41, pd=g3, mt=00:03:45, tl=02:05:34, s=29974 kN/s, n=6753139169, pv=Bc5 g3 Bb4 Qg4+ Kh8 Qh4 Kg7, tb=162024, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
23. h3 { d=29, pd=Bb4, mt=00:03:24, tl=01:48:19, s=8290 kN/s, n=1694846006, pv=h3 Bb4 Ra1 Bc5 Rd1, tb=0, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
Bb4 { d=38, pd=Kg1, mt=00:02:48, tl=02:03:15, s=30172 kN/s, n=5091092839, pv=Bb4 Kg1 f5 Qxe7 Bxe7 Ng3 f4 Ne4 f5 Nf2 Bc5 Kf1 Bxf2 Kxf2 Re2+ Kg1 Rxa2 Kh2 Rb2 Rb1 Rbe2 Rbd1 a5 d6 cxd6 Rxd6 R8e3 Rd7+ Kf6 Rxb7 Rxf3 Rd1 Rg3 Rd6+ Ke5 Rd5+ Kf6 Rd6+, tb=22059, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
24. d6 { d=28, pd=cxd6, mt=00:04:35, tl=01:44:13, s=9061 kN/s, n=2497872384, pv=d6 cxd6 Kg1 f5 Qxe7 R8xe7 Nxd6 R7e6 Nb5 Re2 Nd4 Bc5 Kh2 Bxd4 Rxd4 Rxa2 Rd7 Rb6 Re1 Rg6 Rg1 b6 Rdd1 a5 Ra1 Rb2 Rab1 Re2 Rbe1 Rf2 Ref1 Rd2, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.16, }
cxd6 { d=38, pd=Kg1, mt=00:02:01, tl=02:01:44, s=28864 kN/s, n=3501023716, pv=cxd6 Kg1 f5 Qxe7 R8xe7 Nxd6 R7e6 Nb5 Re2 Nd4 Bc5 Kh2 Bd6+ Kg1 Bc5, tb=187269, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
25. Kg1 { d=29, pd=f5, mt=00:02:40, tl=01:42:03, s=9165 kN/s, n=1469226267, pv=Kg1 f5 Qxe7 R8xe7 Nxd6 R7e6 Nb5 Re2 Nd4 Bc5 Kh2 Bxd4 Rxd4 Rxa2 Rd7 Rg6 Rg1 b6 Rdd1 Ra3 Rb1 a5 Rb2 Re6 Rc1 f4 h4 Re5 Kh3 h5 Rbb1 Ra2, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.10, }
f5 { d=40, pd=Qxe7, mt=00:03:35, tl=01:58:38, s=30167 kN/s, n=6509732175, pv=f5 Qxe7 R8xe7 Nxd6 Kf6 Kh2 R5e6 Nb5 a6 Nd4 Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 f4 Re2 b4 Rxd1 Rxd1 Bf8 Ne1 Bxb4 Nd3 Ba5 Rb1 b6 Nb4 Re4 Nd5+ Ke6 Nxb6 Rxf4 Kg3 Rd4 Rb3 Kd6 Kf3 Kc5 Nd5 Rxc4 Ne3 Rc3 Rxc3+ Bxc3 g3 f4 gxf4 Bb2 Kg4 Bf6 Kf3 h5 Ke4, tb=845402, R50=50, wv=-0.12, }
26. Qxe7 { d=30, pd=R8xe7, mt=00:03:28, tl=01:39:04, s=9299 kN/s, n=1941930687, pv=Qxe7 R8xe7 Nxd6 R7e6 Nb5 Bc5+ Kh2 Re2 Nd4 Bxd4 Rxd4 Rxa2 Rd7 Rg6 Rg1 b6 Rdd1 Kf8 Rd8+ Ke7 Rc8 Kf6 Rd8 f4 Rd4 Rb2 Rxf4+ Kg7 c5 bxc5 Rf5 Rxb3, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.22, }
R8xe7 { d=35, pd=Nxd6, mt=00:01:27, tl=01:57:40, s=32644 kN/s, n=2868343672, pv=R8xe7 Nxd6 Kf6 Kh2 R5e6 Nb5 a6 Nd4 Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 f4 Re2 b4 Rxd1 Rxd1 Bf8 Ne1 Bxb4 Nd3 Bd2 Rb1 Be3 Rxb7 Rxa2 Rd7 Ra3 g3 a5 Ne5 Ke6 Rxf7 Bf2 Rg7 a4 Kg2 Bd4 Rxh7 Ra2+ Kf1 Bxe5 fxe5 Kxe5 h4 Kd4 h5 Kxc4 Rc7+ Kb4 Rb7+, tb=125492, R50=50, wv=-0.17, }
27. Nxd6 { d=28, pd=R7e6, mt=00:02:14, tl=01:37:20, s=9110 kN/s, n=1221198403, pv=Nxd6 R7e6 Nb5 Re2 Nd4 Bc5 Kh2 Bxd4 Rxd4 Rxa2 Rd7 Rg6 Rg1 b6 Rdd1 Kf8 Rd8+ Ke7 Rc8 Kf6 Rc6+ Kg7 Rxg6+ fxg6 Rd1 f4 Rd7+ Kh6 h4 a5 Rd5 a4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.14, }
Kf6 { d=39, pd=Kh2, mt=00:03:31, tl=01:54:38, s=31477 kN/s, n=6672878546, pv=Kf6 Kh2 R5e6 Nb5 a6 Nd4 Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 f4 Re2 b4 Rxd1 Rxd1 Bf8 Ne1 Bxb4 Nd3 Bd2 Rb1 Be3 Rxb7 Rxa2 Rd7 Ra3 Rd6+ Ke7 Rd5 f6 Kg3 Bg1 Kf3 a5 Ke2 Ra2+ Kf3 Rd2 c5 a4 c6 Rc2 Rxf5 Rxc6 Ra5 Rc3 Ke2 Rc4 f5 Re4+ Kd1 h5 Nb2 Rf4 Rxa4 Rxf5 Ra8, tb=679901, R50=50, wv=-0.14, }
28. Kh2 { d=28, pd=Re2, mt=00:03:16, tl=01:34:33, s=8272 kN/s, n=1624504573, pv=Kh2 Re2 Rd5 Rxa2 Rxf5+ Ke6 c5 f6 Rf4 Bxc5 Ne4 Bd4 Ng5+ fxg5 Rxd4 Kf5 Rc1 Rb2 Rc5+ Re5 Rc7 Rxb3 Rxh7 a5 Rf7+ Kg6 Rdd7 Re2 Rg7+ Kf6 Rgf7+ Kg6, tb=4, R50=50, wv=0.00, }
R5e6 { d=38, pd=Nb5, mt=00:03:06, tl=01:52:01, s=33736 kN/s, n=6302955706, pv=R5e6 Nb5 a6 Nd4 Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 f4 Re2 b4 Rxd1 Rxd1 Bf8 Ne1 Bxb4 Nd3 Ba5 Rb1 b6 Nb4 Re4 Nd5+ Ke6 Nxb6 Rxf4 Kg3 Rd4 Rb3 Kd6 Kf3 Kc5 Nd5 Rxc4 Ne3 Rc3 Rxc3+ Bxc3 h4 Be5 Nxf5 Kb4 Ne3 f6 Nc2+ Kc3 Ne3 Kb2 a4 Kb3 a5 Kb4, tb=413804, R50=49, wv=-0.20, }
29. Nb5 { d=28, pd=a6, mt=00:02:41, tl=01:32:22, s=8956 kN/s, n=1443445610, pv=Nb5 a6 Nd4 Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 b4 Red7 Ra1 Ba7 Rhe1 Bf2 Rec1 Rd2 c5 R7d3 a4 Re2 Kh1 Rdd2 Na3 Bd4 Nc4 Bxa1 Nxd2 Bb2 Rc2 Re1+ Kh2 Be5+ g3 Re2+, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-0.34, }
a6 { d=38, pd=Nd4, mt=00:02:26, tl=01:50:05, s=35587 kN/s, n=5208943158, pv=a6 Nd4 Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 f4 Re2 b4 Rxd1 Rxd1 Be7 Ne1 Bxb4 Nd3 Ba5 Rb1 b6 Nb4 Re4 Nd5+ Ke6 Nxb6 Rxf4 Kg3 Rd4 Rb3 Kd6 Kf3 Kc5 Nd5 Rxc4 Ra3 Bd2 Ne3 Rc3 Rxc3+ Bxc3 h4 a5 g3 f4 gxf4 a4 h5 Bd2 h6 Kd4 Nf5+ Kd5 Ne3+, tb=297174, R50=48, wv=-0.18, }
30. Nd4 { d=30, pd=Rd6, mt=00:02:11, tl=01:30:41, s=9202 kN/s, n=1210701699, pv=Nd4 Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 b4 Red7 Rde1 Bf2 Re2 Rd2 Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 Rd3 Rf1 Ba7 c5 Rd2 Ne3 Rxa2 Rb1 a5 Nd5+ Ke5 Nc3 Rc2 Nb5 Bb8 bxa5 Kd5+ Kg1 Rxc5, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.40, }
Rd6 { d=38, pd=Nc2, mt=00:01:46, tl=01:48:49, s=33452 kN/s, n=3553030071, pv=Rd6 Nc2 Bc5 f4 Re2 b4 Rxd1 Rxd1 Be7 Ne1 Bxb4 Nd3 Ba5 Rb1 b6 Nb4 Re4 Nd5+ Ke6 Nxb6 Rxf4 Kg3 Rd4 Rb3 Kd6 Kf3 Kc5 Nd5 Rxc4 Ra3 Bd2 Nf6 a5 Rd3 Rc2 Rd5+ Kb4 Rxf5 Rxa2 Nd5+ Kc4 Ke4 Bh6 Rxf7 Re2+ Kf3 Re6 Nf4 Bxf4 Kxf4 h6 Ra7, tb=286738, R50=50, wv=-0.24, }
31. Nc2 { d=30, pd=Bc5, mt=00:02:59, tl=01:28:11, s=9133 kN/s, n=1638549937, pv=Nc2 Bc5 b4 Red7 Rde1 Bf2 Re2 Rd2 Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 Rd3 Rf1 Ba7 c5 Rd2 Ne3 Rxa2 Rb1 a5 bxa5 Bxc5 Nd5+ Ke5 Nc3 Rc2 Na4 Bd6 Kg1 Ra2 Nc3 Rxa5, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-0.35, }
Bc5 { d=36, pd=f4, mt=00:01:41, tl=01:47:37, s=32545 kN/s, n=3297061414, pv=Bc5 f4 Re2 b4 Rxd1 Rxd1 Be7 Ne1 Bxb4 Nd3 Ba5 Rb1 b6 Nb4 Re4 Nd5+ Ke6 Nxb6 Rxf4 Kg3 Rd4 c5 Rd3+ Kh4 Rd2 Re1+ Kf6 Re8 Kg7 Kg3 Rxa2 Nd5 Rd2 Ne3 Rd3 Kf2 f4 Nc4 Bc7 Re7 Rc3 Rxc7 Rxc4 Kf3 a5 c6 Kg6 Ra7 Rxc6 Rxa5 Rc2, tb=242341, R50=49, wv=-0.24, }
32. b4 { d=27, pd=Red7, mt=00:02:06, tl=01:26:35, s=9114 kN/s, n=1148861688, pv=b4 Red7 Rde1 Bf2 Re2 Rd2 Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 f4 c5 Ke5 a3 Be3 a4 f5 Ne1 Kd5 Nc2 Rxg2+ Kxg2 Bxc1 Kf2 a5 Ke2 Bb2 bxa5 Kxc5 Ne1 Bc3 Nd3+ Kc4, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-0.23, }
Red7 { d=34, pd=Rb1, mt=00:01:34, tl=01:46:33, s=29377 kN/s, n=2779568433, pv=Red7 Rb1 Bf2 Na1 Rd2 a3 Be3 Rhe1 Bf4+ Kg1 Ra2 Nb3 Rxa3 c5 Bg3 Rf1 Ra2 Kh1 h5 Na5 h4 Ra1 Rb2 Rab1 Re2 Nc4 Rd4 Na5 Rdd2 Rg1 Re7 Nb3 Rd5 Rgf1 Rd3 Na5 Red7 Ra1, tb=40353, R50=50, wv=-0.61, }
33. Rde1 { d=29, pd=Ba7, mt=00:04:19, tl=01:22:46, s=9296 kN/s, n=2413724060, pv=Rde1 Ba7 Re2 Rd2 Rhe1 h5 a4 Bb8+ Kg1 Bg3 Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 Rd3 Ne1 Ra3 a5 Rb3 Kf1 Kg7 Ke2 Rxb4 Nd3 Ra4 f4 h4 Rb1 Rxc4 Rxb7 Re4+ Kd1 Ra4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.44, }
Bf2 { d=34, pd=Re2, mt=00:01:29, tl=01:45:34, s=30513 kN/s, n=2715875734, pv=Bf2 Re2 Rd2 Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 f4 c5 Ke6 a4 Kd5 h4 Kc4 b5 Kxc5 bxa6 bxa6 h5 a5 Kh3 Kc4 Ne3+ Kb3 Rb1+ Ka2 Nc4 Rc2 Rf1 Rxc4 Rxf2+ Kb3 Rd2 Kxa4 Rd7 Kb3 Rxf7 a4 Rb7+ Rb4 Rxh7 a3 Ra7 Ra4 Re7 a2 Re1 a1=Q Rxa1 Rxa1 Kg4 Kc4 Kxf4 Rh1 g4 Rh3 Ke4, tb=113196, R50=49, wv=-0.67, }
34. Re2 { d=29, pd=Rd2, mt=00:02:39, tl=01:20:36, s=10135 kN/s, n=1618216438, pv=Re2 Rd2 Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 f4 a4 Rd3 Rf1 Bg3+ Kg1 Rc3 Rc1 Rxc4 Kf1 Ke5 Ke2 Bh4 Kd2 Rc8 Kd3 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 f5 Kd3 Bf6 Ke2 b6, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-0.62, }
Rd2 { d=35, pd=Rxd2, mt=00:02:24, tl=01:43:39, s=31438 kN/s, n=4533380595, pv=Rd2 Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 f4 a3 Rd3 Rf1 Bg3+ Kg1 Rc3 Nd4 Rxc4 Rd1 Rc3 Ra1 Ke5 Ne2 Rc2 Kf1 b6 Rd1 Ra2 Nc3 Rf2+ Kg1 Rc2 Nd5 b5 Kf1 Rf2+ Kg1 Ra2 Nc7 Rxa3 Kf1 Ra2 Rd5+ Kf6 Rd6+ Kf5 Rd5+ Kg6 Rd6+ f6 Nxa6 Rf2+ Kg1 Rb2 Kf1 Rb1+ Ke2 Re1+ Kd2 Rg1 Nc7 Be1+ Kd3, tb=293131, R50=48, wv=-0.73, }
35. Rxd2 { d=30, pd=Rxd2, mt=00:02:01, tl=01:19:04, s=9845 kN/s, n=1196837632, pv=Rxd2 Rxd2 Rc1 f4 a4 Rd3 Rf1 Bg3+ Kg1 Rc3 Rc1 Rxc4 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 Ke5 Kd3 Rd8+ Ke2 Bh4 Ne1 Re8 Kd3 Kf6 Nc2 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 Kg6, tb=0, R50=48, wv=-0.54, }
Rxd2 { d=34, pd=Rc1, mt=00:01:27, tl=01:42:42, s=32707 kN/s, n=2865726669, pv=Rxd2 Rc1 f4 a4 Rd3 Na1 Ra3 a5 Ke5 Rf1 Be3 Rb1 Ra4 Nc2 Ra2 Na1 Kd4 Nb3+ Kc3 Nc5 Bxc5 bxc5 Rxa5 Rxb7 Rxc5 Rxf7 h5 Rxf4 a5 g4 a4 Rf5 Kxc4 Rf4+ Kb3 Rf5 Kb4 Rf4+ Kb5 Re4 a3 f4 Rc2+ Kg3 Rc3+ Kg2 Rc4 Re5+ Kb4 gxh5 a2 Re1 Rxf4 Kg3 Rf6, tb=190134, R50=50, wv=-0.62, }
36. Rc1 { d=31, pd=f4, mt=00:02:31, tl=01:17:03, s=10023 kN/s, n=1518345846, pv=Rc1 f4 a4 Rd3 Rf1 Bg3+ Kg1 Rc3 Rc1 Rxc4 Kf1 Bh4 Ke2 Ke5 Kd3 Rc8 a5 h5 Rb1 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ne1 Rc3 Rd1 Be7 Nd3+ Kf5 Ke1 Rc4, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.55, }
f4 { d=35, pd=a4, mt=00:01:54, tl=01:41:17, s=31732 kN/s, n=3638566243, pv=f4 a4 Rd3 Rb1 Rc3 Ne1 b6 Ra1 Rxc4 Nd3 Bd4 Rb1 Be3 h4 Rc3 Rd1 Ra3 Nb2 Ke6 b5 axb5 axb5 Rb3 Nc4 Bc5 Re1+ Kd5 Nd2 Bb4 Re8 Bxd2 Rd8+ Ke6 Rxd2 Rxb5 Rd4 Rf5 Kg1 h5 Kf2 b5 Kf1 Ke5 Rd7 Kf6 Rd6+ Ke7 Rd4 Ke6 Kf2 Ke5, tb=203705, R50=50, wv=-0.78, }
37. a4 { d=31, pd=Rd3, mt=00:01:58, tl=01:15:35, s=9794 kN/s, n=1156193071, pv=a4 Rd3 Rf1 Bh4 b5 Rc3 bxa6 bxa6 Nb4 Rxc4 Nxa6 Rxa4 Nc5 Bg3+ Kh1 Ra2 Rd1 h5 Nd3 Kg5 Kg1 Rc2 Nb4 Rb2 Nd3 Ra2 Nb4 Re2 Nd3 f5 Nb4 Kf6, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.48, }
Rd3 { d=34, pd=Ra1, mt=00:01:56, tl=01:39:51, s=32157 kN/s, n=3732089292, pv=Rd3 Ra1 Rc3 Ne1 Rxc4 Nd3 Be3 Rb1 b6 h4 Rc3 Rd1 Ra3 Nb2 Ke6 Rd8 Ra2 Nd3 Rxa4 Kh3 Ke7 Rh8 Ra3 Ne5 Kf6 Re8 Rc3 Kg4 Rc7 Kh5 Kg7 Kg4 a5 bxa5 bxa5 Nd3 Rc4 Kf5 Rd4 Ne5 Rd5 Ke4 Rd2 Ng4 Kg6 Nxe3, tb=266010, R50=50, wv=-0.82, }
38. Rf1 { d=30, pd=Bg3+, mt=00:01:51, tl=01:14:14, s=9699 kN/s, n=1077345769, pv=Rf1 Bg3+ Kg1 Rc3 Rc1 Rxc4 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 Bh4 Kd2 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 b6 Kd2 Ke5 Kd3 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 Rc3 Kd2 Rc6 Kd3 Rd6+, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.57, }
Bg3+ { d=38, pd=Kg1, mt=00:03:26, tl=01:36:54, s=32906 kN/s, n=6810148268, pv=Bg3+ Kg1 Rc3 Na1 Rxc4 Rb1 Bh4 Kf1 Kg6 Ke2 Bf6 Kd3 Rd4+ Ke2 Kg5 Nc2 Rc4 Kd3 Rc3+ Kd2 Rc8 Ne1 Kh4 Ke2 Bd4 Rd1 Rc4 a5 Kg3 Kd3 Rc6 Ke2 Bf2 Kf1 Rc4 Nd3 Be3 Rb1 Rc3 Ne1 Rc7 Nd3 Rc2 Rb2 Rc3 Ne1 Rc1 Rc2 Rb1, tb=758393, R50=49, wv=-1.11, }
39. Kg1 { d=32, pd=Rc3, mt=00:01:57, tl=01:12:47, s=10192 kN/s, n=1194574652, pv=Kg1 Rc3 Rc1 Rxc4 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 Bh4 Kd3 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 Ke5 Kd3 b6 Ke2 f5 Kd3 Bf6 Kd2 Rg8 Ne1 Be7 Nd3+ Kd4 Nxf4 Bxb4+ Ke2 Re8+, tb=0, R50=49, wv=-0.53, }
Rc3 { d=37, mt=00:01:59, tl=01:35:24, s=35124 kN/s, n=4207070233, pv=Rc3, tb=275529, R50=48, wv=-1.13, }
40. Rc1 { d=29, pd=Bh4, mt=00:01:54, tl=01:11:22, s=10691 kN/s, n=1223765005, pv=Rc1 Bh4 Kf1 Rxc4 Ke2 Rc8 Kd2 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 Kg6 Kd3 Bf6 Rd1 Rc3+ Kd2 Rc4 Re1 Kf5 a5 h5 g4+ Kg5 Re8 hxg4 hxg4 Rc7 Rf8 Kh4, tb=3, R50=48, wv=-0.53, }
Rxc4 { d=36, mt=00:02:16, tl=01:33:37, s=31623 kN/s, n=4330735752, pv=Rxc4, tb=1558488, R50=47, wv=-1.65, }
41. Kf1 { d=29, pd=Bh4, mt=00:02:28, tl=01:09:23, s=10332 kN/s, n=1536441617, pv=Kf1 Bh4 Ke2 Rc8 Kd3 Rd8+ Ke2 Rg8 Kf1 Rc8 Ke2 b6 Kd3 Ke5 b5 axb5 axb5 Rc5 Rb1 Bf6 Re1+ Kf5 Nd4+ Bxd4 Kxd4 Rxb5 Re7 Kf6 Rc7 Rb2 Rb7 Rxg2, tb=0, R50=50, wv=-0.60, }
Kg5 { d=34, pd=Ke2, mt=00:02:28, tl=01:31:39, s=32595 kN/s, n=4831664945, pv=Kg5 Ke2 Kh4 Kd3 Rc7 Rf1 Bh2 Rc1 Kg3 b5 axb5 axb5 h5 h4 Kxh4 b6 Rc6 Rb1 Kg3 Nd4 Rd6 Ke4 Kxg2 Rb2+ Kh3 Rb1 Rg6 Nf5 Rg1 Rb4 Re1+ Kd5 Rd1+ Ke5 Rd3 Ke4 Rd2 Rc4 Re2+ Kd5 Rb2 Nd6 Kg2 Rc7 Kxf3 Rxb7 Bg1 Kc6, tb=1580474, R50=50, wv=-1.93, }
42. Ke2 { d=27, pd=Kh4, mt=00:03:14, tl=01:06:39, s=10240 kN/s, n=1992762302, pv=Ke2 Kh4 Kd3 Rc7 Rf1 Bh2 Ne1 Kg3 a5 Rc1 h4 Rc6 h5 Rh6 Nc2 Kxg2 Re1 Kxf3 Re7 b6 axb6 Rxb6 Rxf7 Rh6 Nd4+ Kg4 Ke4 Bg3 Nf3 Kxh5 Ne5 Kg5, tb=53, R50=49, wv=-1.55, }
Kh4 { d=35, mt=00:02:53, tl=01:29:16, s=31952 kN/s, n=5547132961, pv=Kh4, tb=2516787, R50=49, wv=-2.02, }
43. b5 { d=28, pd=Rxa4, mt=00:03:21, tl=01:03:48, s=10286 kN/s, n=2068316449, pv=b5 Rxa4 Rb1 Bh2 bxa6 bxa6 Rb8 Ra2 Rc8 h5 Kf1 Bg3 Ke2 Rb2 Rc6 a5 Kd3 Bf2 Rf6 Kg3 Rxf7 Kxg2 Rxf4 Rb5 h4 Kg3 Ra4 Re5 Nd4 Rd5 Kc3 Rxd4, tb=6, R50=48, wv=-1.64, }
axb5 { d=32, pd=axb5, mt=00:01:46, tl=01:27:59, s=32175 kN/s, n=3423488224, pv=axb5 axb5 Rc5 Kf1 b6 Ke2 h5 Kf1 Bh2 Kf2 Rc7 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Kf2 Ra1 Kxg2 Nd4 Kxh3 Ke4 h4 Nc6 Kg3 Nd4 Rc4 Kd3 Rc5 Ke4 Kh3 Ra6 Bg1 Ne2 f5+ Kxf4 Bf2 Kg5 Rxb5 Ra3 Kh2, tb=3212408, R50=50, wv=-2.57, }
44. axb5 { d=26, pd=Rc8, mt=00:01:40, tl=01:02:38, s=10551 kN/s, n=1055602853, pv=axb5 Rc8 b6 Rc5 Kf1 Bh2 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Rc6 Ke4 Re6+ Kf5 Kxg2 Rb1 Kxh3 Nd4 Rd6 Ne2 h5 Nxf4+ Bxf4 Kxf4 h4 Rb4 Rg6 Rb3 Kg2 Rb2+ Kg1 Rb1+ Kh2, tb=3, R50=50, wv=-2.11, }
Rc5 { d=33, mt=00:01:33, tl=01:26:56, s=33258 kN/s, n=3100044255, pv=Rc5, tb=3349135, R50=50, wv=-2.79, }
45. Kf1 { d=27, pd=Bh2, mt=00:04:14, tl=00:58:53, s=11393 kN/s, n=2898180420, pv=Kf1 Bh2 Kf2 Rc8 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Kf2 h4 h5 b6 Bg3 Ra1 Kxg2 Ra7 Rb8 Ke4 Bxh4 Kxf4 Bg3+ Ke4 Re8+ Kd3 Re7 Nd4 Bf2 Nf5 Re5 Nh6 Rd5+ Ke2 Rd7, tb=187, R50=50, wv=-2.48, }
b6 { d=33, mt=00:01:16, tl=01:26:10, s=32903 kN/s, n=2505990734, pv=b6, tb=1551781, R50=49, wv=-3.52, }
46. Ke2 { d=26, pd=h6, mt=00:02:04, tl=00:57:19, s=11499 kN/s, n=1430055169, pv=Ke2 h6 Kf1 Bh2 Kf2 Rc8 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Rc5 Ra1 Kxg2 Ra7 Rxb5 Rxf7 h5 Nd4 Ra5 h4 Bg3 Rg7 Kh3 Ne6 Ra4 Rc7 Kg2 Rh7 Ra3+ Kd2 Ra5 Nd4 Bxh4, tb=77, R50=50, wv=-2.86, }
h5 { d=34, pd=Kf1, mt=00:01:17, tl=01:25:23, s=33426 kN/s, n=2582386270, pv=h5 Kf1 Bh2 Kf2 Rc7 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Kf2 Rb1 Kxg2 Nd4 h4 Nf5 Bg3 Rb2+ Kxh3 Re2 Rc5 Nh6 f6 Rb2 f5 Nf7 Be1 Re2 Ba5 Re6 Rxb5 Rg6 Be1 Ng5+ Kh2 Kc4 Rc5+ Kb3 b5 Re6 Bf2 Rh6 Kg3 Kb4 Rd5, tb=1818962, R50=50, wv=-3.82, }
47. Kf1 { d=26, pd=Bh2, mt=00:02:06, tl=00:55:43, s=12205 kN/s, n=1540856604, pv=Kf1 Bh2 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Rxb5 Nd4 Re5 h4 Kxg2 Rc7 Bg1 Ne2 Be3 Rxf7 Kxf3 Nd4+ Kg2 Rg7+ Kh3 Rg5 Re8 Nf5 Bc5 Kc4 Rd8 Kc3 Rh8 Rxh5, tb=152, R50=50, wv=-3.34, }
Bh2 { d=34, pd=Kf2, mt=00:01:20, tl=01:24:32, s=33868 kN/s, n=2717102621, pv=Bh2 Kf2 Rc7 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Kf2 Rb1 Kxg2 Nd4 h4 Nf5 Kxh3 Rb2 Bg3 Nd4 Rc5 Ra2 Bh2 Ne2 Rxb5 Kd4 Ra5 Rb2 f5 Kc4 Ra3 Nd4 Bg1 Nxf5 Rxf3 Kd5 Ra3 Rb4 Be3 Ke4 Bc5 Rb1 Kg4 Nd4 Bxd4, tb=1892749, R50=50, wv=-4.08, }
48. Kf2 { d=26, pd=Rc7, mt=00:01:55, tl=00:54:17, s=13196 kN/s, n=1523494780, pv=Kf2 Rc7 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Rc5 h4 Kxh4 Rb1 Kg3 Nd4 Kxg2 Rb2+ Kh3 Ne2 Re5 Kc4 h4 Ra2 Re3 Nd4 Bg1 Ra6 Re1 Nf5 Rc1+ Kd3 Rc5 Nh6 Rxb5 Nxf7 Kg2, tb=605, R50=49, wv=-3.73, }
Rc7 { d=34, pd=Ke2, mt=00:01:16, tl=01:23:46, s=33742 kN/s, n=2583097466, pv=Rc7 Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Kf2 Ra1 Kxg2 Nd4 h4 Nf5 Kxh3 Ke4 Rc5 Ra2 Bg3 Nd4 f6 Kd3 Re5 Kc4 Be1 Ne2 Rc5+ Kd3 Bf2 Nc3 Be3 Ne4 Rd5+ Kc4 Rd4+ Kc3 f5 Ng5+ Kg3 Ra7 h3 Nxh3 Kxh3 Rg7 Rd5 Kc4 Rc5+ Kb4 Bd2+ Ka4 Rc4+ Kb3 Rc3+ Ka4 Rxf3 Rg5, tb=1042022, R50=49, wv=-4.33, }
49. Ke2 { d=26, pd=Kg3, mt=00:01:44, tl=00:53:03, s=12914 kN/s, n=1344588666, pv=Ke2 Kg3 Kd3 Rc5 h4 Kxh4 Ra1 Kg3 Nd4 h4 Ke4 Kxg2 Nf5 Kh3 Ra2 Rxb5 Nxh4 Kxh4 Rxh2+ Kg3 Rh8 f5+ Kd3 Kxf3 Kc4 Re5 Rb8 b5+ Kd4, tb=72, R50=48, wv=-3.81, }
Kg3 { d=34, pd=Kd3, mt=00:01:34, tl=01:22:41, s=33707 kN/s, n=3181427392, pv=Kg3 Kd3 Kf2 Ra1 Kxg2 Nd4 h4 Ke4 Kxh3 Ra2 Rc5 Ra6 Bg1 Ne2 f5+ Kxf4 Bf2 Kg5 Be3+ f4 Rc2 Ng1+ Bxg1 Ra3+ Kg2 Kxh4 Rb2 Kg5 Rxb5 Rd3 Bf2 Rc3 Rc5 Rd3 b5 Rb3 Be1 Re3 Bc3 Re6 Kf3 Rd6 Be1 Rd4 Bf2 Rd3+ Ke4 Rb3, tb=1310776, R50=48, wv=-4.53, }
50. Kd3 { d=25, pd=Rc5, mt=00:01:29, tl=00:52:03, s=12920 kN/s, n=1162361184, pv=Kd3 Rc5 Ke2 Bg1 Rxg1 Rxc2+ Kd3 Rxg2 Re1 Kxf3 Re5 h4 Rf5 Rh2 Kd4 Rxh3 Ke5 Kg2 Rxf4 Re3+ Kd4 Ra3 Rg4+ Kf3 Rg7 h3 Rxf7+ Kg2 Rc7 h2 Rc2+ Kg3, tb=26, R50=47, wv=-4.05, }
Kf2 { d=33, pd=Ra1, mt=00:02:22, tl=01:20:49, s=33443 kN/s, n=4761890856, pv=Kf2 Ra1 Kxg2 Nd4 Kxh3 Ke4 h4 Ra6 Bg3 Ra2 Rc5 Kd3 Bh2 Ke4 f6 Kd3 Re5 Rb2 Bg1 Ne2 Bf2 Rb4 f5 Nxf4+ Kg3 Ra4 Rxb5 Kc2 Kxf3 Nh3 Bg3 Ng5+ Kg2 Ra2 Bf2 Ra8 h3 Nxh3 Kxh3 Re8 Kg2 Re2, tb=2644827, R50=47, wv=-5.06, }
51. Kd4 { d=25, pd=Rc5, mt=00:04:39, tl=00:47:54, s=14187 kN/s, n=3962656489, pv=Kd4 Rc5 Kd3 Bg3 Ra1 Kxg2 Ra2 Bf2 Ra8 Kxf3 Rf8 Rd5+ Kc4 Rd7 Rh8 h4 Rg8 Ke2 Re8+ Kd2 Nb4 Rd4+ Kb3 f3 Ra8 Bg3 Ra2+ Kd1 Kc3 Be5 Nd3 Ra4+, tb=141, R50=46, wv=-4.39, }
Bg3 { d=34, pd=Kd3, mt=00:01:24, tl=01:19:55, s=34299 kN/s, n=2891070597, pv=Bg3 Kd3 Rc5 Rb1 Kxg2 Nd4 Kxh3 Rb2 h4 Ra2 Be1 Ne2 Bf2 Ra4 f5 Ra8 Be3 Rg8 Rxb5 Nc3 Ra5 Rh8 Bf2 Rg8 Kh2 Kc4 Be3 Kd3 h3 Ke2 Rc5 Kd3 Kh1 Na4 Rd5+ Kc4 Ra5 Kb4 h2 Rg6 Bd2+ Kb3 Rb5+ Kc2 Be3 Rh6 Kg2, tb=1678525, R50=46, wv=-5.57, }
52. Kd3 { d=24, pd=Rc5, mt=00:01:28, tl=00:46:55, s=13834 kN/s, n=1223562718, pv=Kd3 Rc5 Ra1 Kxg2 Ra2 Bf2 Na3 Kxf3 Nb1 f5 Nc3 Be3 Ra8 Kg3 Nd1 Rxb5 Ke2 Bc5 Rg8+ Kxh3 Nf2+ Kh4 Nd3 Be3 Rd8 Rb3 Rf8 Ra3 Rxf5 Kg4 Rf6 Ra2+, tb=88, R50=45, wv=-5.13, }
Rc5 { d=32, pd=Rb1, mt=00:05:04, tl=01:15:20, s=35382 kN/s, n=10773761532, pv=Rc5 Rb1 Kxg2 Rb2 Bf2 Na1 Kxf3 Nb3 Rd5+ Kc4 Rd7 Nd2+ Kg2 Nb3 f3 h4 Kg3 Nd2 Bc5 Ne4+ Kxh4 Rh2+ Kg4 Kb3 Rd5 Kc2 Rf5 Nd2 h4 Kd3 f2 Nf1 Rd5+ Ke2 Re5+ Kd3 h3 Rh1 Re1 Kd2 f5 Kc2 Re2+ Kc3 Re7 Kd3 f4 Nd2, tb=9611394, R50=45, wv=-7.12, }
53. Rb1 { d=25, pd=Kxg2, mt=00:02:25, tl=00:45:00, s=13449 kN/s, n=1959743345, pv=Rb1 Kxg2 Rb2 Bf2 Ke4 Kxh3 Kxf4 Rc4+ Kg5 Bh4+ Kf5 Kg3 Ra2 Rf4+ Ke5 Bf6+ Kd5 h4 Ne3 h3 Nf1+ Kxf3 Ra3+ Kg2 Ne3+ Kg1 Nf1 Kxf1 Rxh3 Ke2 Rh6 Rd4+, tb=158, R50=44, wv=-5.53, }
Kxg2 { d=29, pd=Na1, mt=00:01:20, tl=01:14:30, s=39218 kN/s, n=3162838137, pv=Kxg2 Na1 Kxh3 Rb2 Re5 Kc4 h4 Ra2 Be1 Ra6 Rc5+ Kd3 Rxb5 Ke4 Bf2 Ra7 Kg2 Rxf7 h3 Rd7 h2 Rd1 h1=Q Rxh1 Rb4+ Ke5 Kxh1 Kf5 Kh2 Kg4 Kg2 Nc2 Ra4 Kf5 Kxf3 Kg5 Kg3 Kf5 Kg2 Kg5 f3 Kh6, tb=2002418, R50=44, wv=-9.41, }
54. Rb2 { d=26, pd=Bf2, mt=00:02:35, tl=00:42:54, s=13541 kN/s, n=2107419350, pv=Rb2 Bf2 Ke4 Kxh3 Kxf4 Rc4+ Kg5 Bh4+ Kf5 Kg3 Ra2 Rf4+ Ke5 Bf6+ Kd5 h4 Ne3 h3 Nf1+ Kxf3 Rd2 Rf5+ Kc6 Bg5 Rd3+ Kg2 Rg3+ Kxf1 Rxh3 Rf6+ Kb7 Ke2, tb=362, R50=50, wv=-5.88, }
Bf2 { d=32, pd=Nb4, mt=00:03:41, tl=01:11:18, s=38939 kN/s, n=8627624384, pv=Bf2 Nb4 Kxf3 Rb1 Kg3 Ra1 f3 h4 Rxb5 Nc6 Rc5 Nb8 Rd5+ Ke4 Rd4+ Kf5 Rf4+ Kg5 Be3 Re1 Re4+ Kf5 f2 Rf1 Rf4+ Ke5 Bd4+ Kd5 Rxh4 Nc6 Kg2 Rc1 Rf4 Rc2 Bc5 Ne5 h4 Kc6 h3 Nd3 Rf6+ Kb7 h2 Nxf2 Rxf2 Rc1 Rf1 Rc2+ Bf2 Rc7 h1=Q Rxf7 Ra1 Rc7 Kg3+ Rc6 Rc1, tb=6801228, R50=50, wv=-13.36, }
55. Ke4 { d=26, pd=Kxh3, mt=00:03:36, tl=00:39:47, s=13569 kN/s, n=2943823032, pv=Ke4 Kxh3 Kxf4 Rc4+ Kg5 Bh4+ Kf5 Kg3 Ke5 Rc5+ Ke4 Bf6 Ra2 h4 Ne3 Re5+ Kd3 Kxf3 Nf1 Rd5+ Kc4 Rd1 Nd2+ Ke3 Nb3 Be5 Ra3 h3 Na1+ Ke4 Rxh3 Rc1+, tb=643, R50=49, wv=-6.41, }
Kg3 { d=31, pd=h4, mt=00:02:12, tl=01:09:36, s=42113 kN/s, n=5567329496, pv=Kg3 h4 f5+ Kd3 Kxf3 Ra2 Kg3 Ra7 f3 Rg7+ Kxh4 Ne3 Rxb5 Nf1 Kh3 Kc4 Rc5+ Kb3 Rd5 Rg5 h4 Kc4 Re5 Rg8 Rc5+ Kb4 Rd5 Rc8 Kg2 Rc1 Rc5 Ra1 h3 Kb3 Re5 Nd2 Rb5+ Kc4 Rc5+ Kb4 h2 Kb3 Bg1 Ra6 h1=Q Rxb6 Rc3+ Kxc3 Bxb6 Kb2 Qd1, tb=2413660, R50=49, wv=-16.71, }
56. Na1 { d=23, pd=Be3, mt=00:01:26, tl=00:38:51, s=14307 kN/s, n=1233017534, pv=Na1 Be3 Kd3 Kxh3 Ke2 Kg3 Ra2 Re5 Nc2 h4 Ra8 Bf2+ Kf1 Rxb5 Ke2 Re5+ Kf1 Kxf3 Ra3+ Be3 Ra8 Rd5 Ne1+ Kg4 Rg8+ Rg5 Rh8 h3 Nc2 Bc5 Ne1 Bd4, tb=153, R50=48, wv=-7.07, }
f5+ { d=31, pd=Kd3, mt=00:01:05, tl=01:09:00, s=42368 kN/s, n=2780001957, pv=f5+ Kd3 Kxf3 Nb3 Re5 Ra2 Kg2 Na5 bxa5 b6 Rb5 Kc4 Rxb6 Kd5 Rb5+ Kc6 Rc5+ Kb7 Kg3 Ra3+ f3 Rb3 Bd4 Rd3 Re5 Kc7 Be3 Kd6 Re4 Ra3 f2 Ra1 Bf4+ Kd7 Re1 Ra3+ Be3 Rxa5 f1=Q Ra3 Qb5+ Ke6 Kxh3 Ke7 f4 Kd8 Rd1+ Ke7 Qb4+ Kf6 Qxa3 Kg5 Re1, tb=2310333, R50=48, wv=-21.04, }
57. Kd3 { d=21, pd=Be3, mt=00:00:07, tl=00:39:13, s=13896 kN/s, n=107469602, pv=Kd3 Be3 Rb1 Kxf3 Nc2 Bf2 Nb4 Rxb5 Kc4 Rc5+ Kd3 Kg3 Na6 Rd5+ Kc4 Ra5 Nb4 Rc5+ Kb3 Be3 Ra1 f3 Nd3 Rb5+ Kc4 Ra5 Re1 f4 h4 Kxh4 Rd1 Kg3, tb=50, R50=50, wv=-7.17, }
Kxf3 { d=36, pd=Ra2, mt=00:01:08, tl=01:08:22, s=45091 kN/s, n=3081955989, pv=Kxf3 Ra2 Kg2 Nc2 Kg3 Nb4 f3 Na6 Re5 Kc4 Be1 Ra3 Kg2 Rxf3 Kxf3 Nb8 Bf2 h4 Re4+ Kd5 Kg3 Kc6 Rxh4 Kb7 Re4 Nc6 h4 Ka6 Kg4 Nb8 h3 Nc6 h2 Kb7 h1=Q Kc8 Re2 Nb8 Re8+ Kd7 Rxb8, tb=5364060, R50=50, wv=-250.00, }
58. Rb1 { d=25, pd=Kg3, mt=00:02:46, tl=00:36:57, s=16101 kN/s, n=2685825738, pv=Rb1 Kg3 Rf1 Kg2 Rb1 Kxh3 Rh1+ Kg4 Rh2 Bg3 Rh1 h4 Nb3 Rxb5 Nd2 Bf2 Rh2 Rd5+ Ke2 Bg3 Rh1 Re5+ Kd3 f3 Nc4 Rd5+ Kc3 Bf2 Rb1 Bd4+ Kd3 Bc5+, tb=779, R50=50, wv=-9.16, }
Kg2 { d=35, pd=Nb3, mt=00:01:29, tl=01:07:22, s=45299 kN/s, n=4060984648, pv=Kg2 Nb3 f3 Rb2 Re5 h4 Kg3 Nd2 Rd5+ Kc4 Rxd2 Rxd2 Be1 Rd5 Kg2 Rxf5 Bxh4 Rd5 Bg3 Rd2+ f2 Kd5 h4 Ra2 h3 Kc6 h2 Kb7 h1=Q Ka6 Kg1 Rc2 f1=Q Rc8 Kg2 Rc2+ Bf2 Rc7 Qa1+ Kb7 Kg3+ Rc6 Bc5, tb=13308028, R50=50, wv=-250.00, }
59. Nb3 { d=25, pd=Rxb5, mt=00:02:03, tl=00:35:23, s=16151 kN/s, n=1998545603, pv=Nb3 Rxb5 Kc4 Re5 Nd2 Be3 Nf1 Kxh3 Rb2 h4 Rh2+ Kg4 Kd3 Bc5 Rg2+ Kf3 Rg5 Kf2 Nh2 h3 Rg6 Re1 Rg5 Rh1 Rxf5 Kg3 Rg5+ Kxh2 Ke2 Rg1 Rh5 Kg3, tb=895, R50=49, wv=-10.53,, Black wins by adjudication: TCEC win rule }
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