2015 - Teaching tune bin books:

1st: you need SCID program

SCID 4.6.2


2nd: strong engine



* Load your bin book and engine in SCID

If you wanna tune the book cuz you lost a game using it, then open your game in SCID and start analyzing it with your engine. Move by move go analyzing till you find where score goes against you, stop in that move and check engine analysis, see if it gives you a different move of the one you made. Pick that move adding to your bin book and choosing
number 100 for it, all the other moves if they are in book write 0.

Like pictures, white wins, then have to find the "black mistake". Black made 17..h5 but engine gives 17..a4.

Tunning a Bin Book Bin1

You go to book and put h5 (0) and a4 (100).

Tunning a Bin Book Bin2

PS You can make another thing too, pick your favorite ctg or bix book and copy their "green lines" and mark bin book the same.

Tunning a Bin Book Bin3

Any question. Make it because this tutorial is very summarized...